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HAM Radio 2018 was incredible, we have never seen so many youngsters and YOTA friends. We were proud to be part of the IARU booth for 3 days long. In our Flag ceremony at the mainstage the YOTA flag and key were handed over from the UK to South-Africa. And yes, YOTA ZS is coming closer! Florian (OE3FTA) and Lisa (PA2LS) introduced the audience to Youngsters On The Air and gave an overview of all activities and news, YOTA keeps on growing and developing its program.
The IARU R1 International Youth Meeting on Saturday was attended by a group of youngsters and youth coordinators. Koos (ZR6KF) and Nico (ZS6QL) updated of all youth activities in South-Africa as part of SARL (South African Radio League) and Hammies. Followed by a discussion of Alex (IV3KKW), Florian (OE3FTA) and Lennart (PD5LKM), who are part of the IARU taskgroups which are working on the future of amateur radio. Their work is still in a starting point and are going to use the input to their relevant groups working on education and outreach, it’s not an easy task, but an important one.
In the afternoon a train full of youngsters visited all IARU member societies, questioning, does your society have a youth program? We were happy to have Silvio (IZ5DIY) as our train driver.
On Saturday evening we had the famous YOTA dinner, attended by more than 60 youngsters and YOTA friends from more than 10 countries. The family keeps on growing!
And last but not least, we had the chance to think about new future plans and took the time to say thank you to many of our sponsors which were attending HAM Radio. Without them we are not able to host all our many activities.

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YCP 2018 – ARI International DX Contest @ES5TV

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When my Friend Fiodor IZ7YBG told me about his YCP experience I decided to apply myself.
I have been chosen for ES5TV station for ARI DX contest so I booked flights to Tallinn.

I met Tonno and he brought me to the station, where I met Oleg, YL3DW and Valeri, ES5QA. Tonno gave me a nice welcome to his station, he explained me how the station works. The Friday evening before the contest he let me use the station for practicing, I made some QSO’s together with his son Jasper, ES5JASS.

Other people joined us for the contest, and at 12:00Z Saturday the contest started. This was first Multi operator-Multi station contest for me and I learned many things, especially how big contest station works. I have been awake all night long as I was so enthusiastic about the contest. Even once the contest was finished, I could not get “ES9C CQ Contest” out of my head.

Tonno managed everything perfectly, he picked me up at the airport and provided food at the station. It had a lot of fun operating with the Latvian guys: Kristers YL3AJA, Oskars and Ritvars (from YL1ZT); I am also glad to have met Tarmo, ES5NHC, Tauri, ES5HTA and many other people.

The funniest thing was when I was speaking Italian to the Italians stations because they did not expect an Estonian station speaking their own language!

I am very happy for this experience, it has given me the opportunity to improve my ham radio skills, seeing a big gun station, but also meeting new people and visit a new country.
The day the contest finished I got the chance to take ferry to Helsinki (only 80km from Tallinn) and I visited Finland too.

I suggest every youngster to apply for the YCP, you will not regret!

73 de Riccardo, IV3CVN
(YCP member @ES5TV 2018)


YOTA goes Dayton – Blog #10

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A huge shout out to everyone making our weekend over at Dayton Hamvention possible. Within 3 days, endless hours of chats and conversations, uncountable buissnescard and contact exchanges and dinner invitations it is time to head back home.

But not everything is heading back home yet!
You can keep our spirit and ideas as well as thousands of flyers and giveaways to spread the word. In exchange we will take your support to make sure all these ideas will no longer stay on paper but get out to reach some YOUNGSTERS around the globe!

We had a great time – hope to see you soon at one of our events or catch you on the bands with one of our YOTA callsigns!

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YOTA goes Dayton – Blog #9

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While having dinner on our last evening at the Hamvention we had the chance to chat with famous logging software developer Tom (N1MM). It was great to get a deeper look at what he and his team are doing to provide us with proper software!
Maybe we will have some more time to talk about it at the next American YOTA event?

YOTA goes Dayton – Blog #8

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We had a chance to visit the IARU booth in Dayton for a chat with Tim (VE6SH), Ole (LA2RR) and Dave (K1ZZ).
They handed out YOTA flyers and giveaways to the visitors and showed great interest in youth activities.

Within the next weeks all necessary preperations will start to make a YOTA camp in Region 2 happen!
Great to see that IARU is pushing for more and more youth related topics all over the world and is showing outstanding support.

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YOTA goes Dayton – Blog #7

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Thanks to Tim (K3LR) and everyone around him for the invitation to the annually contest dinner at Crown Plaza.
We had the chance to not only catch up with contest related activities in Region 2 but to give a short introduction about YOTA and Youth Contesting Program.
We got tremendous feedback from the audience.

K3LR promised us his support and will host an upcoming YCP event in near future!
We hope many others will join his footsteps soon 😜

#hamyota #Dayton2018

YOTA goes Dayton – Blog #6

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Great news! We have finally had the honour to meet Rich (W2VU) from CQ Magazine! He was very excited to hear about our upcoming events. CQ Magazine will regularly publish articles about Youngsters On The Air soon.

Help us grow the future of amateur radio by sharing more youth related stories with the world.