Youth Contesting Program 2020

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Winter YOTA 2019

35 youngsters from 10 countries


December YOTA Month

01.12 - 31.12 - All over the World!


80 Youngsters, 27 countries, 1 week

YOTA Summer camp Bulgaria


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Youngsters On The Air

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12-15th December: Winter YOTA camp in the Netherlands

35 youngsters from 10 countries: the future of amateur radio!

December YOTA Month: 47 Youth Stations On The Air

Special youth callsigns during December: download your awards and check the log.

YOTA is a quickly growing group of young radio amateurs from IARU Region 1. It is our goal to get more young people interested in amateur radio and grow the amateur radio community. Every summer around 80 youngsters meet up in a different IARU Region 1 country every year for a week of exchanging ideas and experiences. At the summer camp youngsters learn how to organise youth activities in their own countries, for example presentations at schools, smaller camps for youngsters and more. All to get more young people fascinated by amateur radio. During the year youngsters organise a number of sub-regional camps for a smaller number of youngsters, also those who do not have a license yet. There are also young contest teams, special callsigns, and lots of other activities.

The goal of YOTA is to welcome new and young amateur radio operators to our beautiful hobby. We live in a world where communication is being digitalised in a way that we almost can’t keep up with. In times like this it’s important to convince people about the importance of our hobby. Together with other youngsters all around the world, we can make the difference and give our hobby the future it deserves! YOTA is creating the next generation of amateur radio enthusiasts, bringing new energy into the hobby.

Recently 80 youngsters from 27 teams in IARU R1 met in Bankya near Sofia in Bulgaria for the 8th edition of the Youngsters On The Air summer camp. It was a wonderful week full of diverse activities concentrated both on practical and theoretical knowledge, but also many fun activities. We explored different cultures and shared the hobby that always brings us closer together. This year we also dedicated a lot of time to a new IARU project called Train-The-Trainer which teaches youngsters to get more young people interested in amateur radio. If you’re interested in the future of amateur radio you can catch up with the latest news here!

Read the latest Train The Trainer reports:

January 18, 2020

Train the Trainer report – Algeria – January 2020

Report on the YOTA Activities of the Association Amateurs Radio Algeriens Introduction After the Annual YOTA gathering that took place in Bulgaria in August 2019, the ARA has tried to…

January 17, 2020

Train the Trainer report – Netherlands – October 2019

The youngsters who participated during YOTA 2019, are planning a meeting with the youth committee of the VERON. Here we will sit together and see what kind of activities we…

January 17, 2020

Train the Trainer report – Finland – January 2020

December YOTA month 2019 in Finland   Since 2013 Finland has taken part in December YOTA month, and this year wasn’t an exception. The first DYM activity in Finland for…

January 17, 2020

Train the Trainer report – Netherlands – January 2020

Train the trainer report – The Netherlands – January 2020 On the 3rd of November 2019 it was the day of the radio amateur in the Netherlands. It took place…

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Train the Trainer report – Slovakia – January 2020

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Since the last report in October 2019, nothing abnormal have happened as compared to the winter time the previous years, but still a lot of activities have been going on….

Together we can give our hobby the future it deserves!