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International Youth Meeting and YOTA flag hand over at HAM Radio

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Last weekend the IARU R1 International Youth meeting took place at HAM Radio Friedrichshafen. An enthusiastic group of young people and youth workers attended the meeting. Philipp DK6SP and Florian OE3FTA gave a presentation about their experiences in IARU R1’s youth contesting program at 9A1A. Find here the presentation.
The meeting ended with a discussion where many youngsters and youth coordinators shared their experiences on youth activities in several IARU R1 member societies.
A few highlights:

  • HamCamp had this year more than 100 participants, mostly youth
  • A youth team activated for a weekend PA6YOTA and PD6YOTA from club station PI4CC
  • Many Italian youngsters attended the meeting and shared several activities, such as taking part in a contest from IY4FGM, the location where Marconi transmitted the first radio signals
  • OeVSV shared their positive experiences of hosting YOTA 2016 in Austria
  • Radio amateurs from Japan and the USA joined the meeting, with interest of bringing Youngsters On The Air to IARU Region 2 and 3


YOTA key and flag hand over
On Saturday afternoon the official YOTA flag was literally brought from OeVSV booth to the RSGB booth under loud cheering of a group of youngsters. With a ceremony at the RSGB booth the flag and morse key where handed over from the Austrian youngsters to the British youngsters. Which means YOTA UK is now almost going to start, with only 3 weeks left. We are looking forward to the event which will welcome more than 80 participants from around 30 member societies.

Daily YOTA Update #2 – FHN 2017

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Daily YOTA UPDATE #2 from the HamRadio in Friedrichshafen 2017.

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Daily YOTA Update #1 – FHN 2017

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Daily YOTA UPDATE #1 from the HamRadio in Friedrichshafen 2017.

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Team changes to YOTA 2017

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There have been some changes to the teams attending YOTA 2017 – unfortunately the teams from EthiopiaBosnia and Slovenia are no longer able to attend, but Algeria has been added to the countries taking part and eight countries have been able to add team members.

The new UK team member is Martin Radulov, M0YRM, who has been licensed for two years and is interested both in the physics behind radio communications and construction.
He thinks his biggest achievement so far is making contacts via satellites using a yagi, pre-amplifier and duplexer he made for himself.

Who are your YOTA 2017 team members going to be?

YOTA vlog #12 – with Steve, M0BPQ

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The latest YOTA 2017 vlog #12 features Steve Bunting, M0BPQ who is the Station Manager for GB2GP at Gilwell Park.

During the YOTA camp there will be a five-band SES running from morning to night with the call sign GB17YOTA. The RSGB has provided awards for those who make contact – so listen out for the young people on air that week!

You can see all the vlogs via www.rsgb.org/yota-vlogs

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YOTA UK Team at Friedrichshafen

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Some members of the UK YOTA Team will be at the Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Exhibition, which takes place 14 to 17 July 2017. They will be there to receive the YOTA key and official YOTA flag from last year’s hosts from OeVSV. If you are attending Friedrichshafen this year, please make your way to the RSGB Stand on Saturday at 15:30 to say hello and see the handover.

YOTA UK 2017 spare places

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As two countries are no longer able to attend YOTA 2017, the other countries who are involved are being invited to nominate additional team members – there are six places to fill. If you’re a young radio amateur aged 15-25 and are free from 5-12 August 2017, contact your national amateur radio society if you’d like to apply or find out more.