Winter YOTA – Let’s go PA

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Winter-YOTA is a sub-regional Youngsters On The Air event, in The Netherlands as part of the VERON youth committee.
The Dutch version of this page can be found 
via this link.

This year, in the middle of December, it’s time for Winter YOTA. A fun radio camp especially for youngsters. Would you like to learn more about amateur radio? Did you just pass your radio license exam? Or have you been active already for a couple of years? You’re invited to take part in this unique event!  Which is full of amateur radio activities and most important – a lot of fun!

Are you 16-25 years old and interested in amateur radio? Then you’re the perfect fit for this event. You don’t need to be a licensed radio amateur to take part, also newcomers to the radio hobby are welcome.  We only ask you to be a member of one of the IARU member societies.

Arrival: Thursday 12 December after 15:00
Departure: Sunday 15 December in the morning after breakfast

In the forest nearby Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands. There is a camp building with all required facilities, such as sleeping places and space for activities.

Winter YOTA Programme
At the moment, we are working hard to finish the full program. However, we can inform you that it’s going to be very interesting. It will be packed full with workshops and all kind of activities regarding amateur radio. Since the location is in the middle of the forest, we will have activities outside in the woods.
December is also December YOTA month. Youngsters across the planet will be active with callsigns with YOTA in its suffix. We will be taking part in this event as well, using the callsign PA6YOTA.
In short, you won’t get bored, next to the program we will take care for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will be fun event! If the weather is with us, we will have a winter-campfire evening.

Biggest part of the event is funded by IARU R1 and the VERON funds. We ask all participants to contribute a fee of €25.
Accommodation, 3 meals a day and activities are covered.

How to apply?
You can apply via this link Keep in mind that we have a limited amount of spots available and thus might have to pick who can come.

When you register for the event, you will automatically apply for the newsletter.
Do you have any questions, or are you looking for more info? Feel free to send an email to:

Train the Trainer report – The Netherlands – June 2019

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While it takes too long for some youngsters that JOTA/JOTI take place in the 3th full week of October, scouts has initiate a summer camp round.

This year the event takes place at 10, 17, 24 and 31 July and 7, 14, 21, 28 August.

The Dutch round will be at 19:30 (local time), via the PI3UTR repeater.

Frequency is 145.575 MHz, CTCSS-tone 77Hz.

The European round will be at 20:30 (local time) and take place at 80 meter-band

Frequency is 3690 kHz ±QRM.


Last edition (15 June) of kids-day, we noticed that the radio bands were not very crowded with kids. I am very curious how this has been done in other countries and what has been promoted here.


The promotion of YOTA Bulgaria has resulted into a Dutch team.

We are very pleased that we can visit this event and look forward to meet other youngsters.


The Dutch team of winter YOTA 2019 is ready to receive the registrations of participants.

By clicking the link below, you will find the application form of winter YOTA 2019.

Please be aware that filling in this application form does not guarantee that you will get a spot in the camp, we have a limited number of spots available. After selection of the participants, you will get a conformation email including whether you are selected or not.


Another important activity this year is to meet youngsters and other people at the HAM radio convention 2019 (

On November 2nd, 2019, the 59th Ham Radio Convention will take place in The Netherlands. Organiser is VERON, the Dutch radio society. We have a youngsters place.


Last, but not least we are busy to see if there could come a second edition of a youth edition of our club magazine.

We have seen that the magazine is a good promotion of the amateur radio hobby.

It is also easily accessible and with this you can for example easily approach a school.

Next TTT we hope to tell more about this project.


Train the Trainer report – Germany – July 2019

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After YOTA ZS, there were two events on our more or less immediate TODO list—December YOTA Month and the subregional camp, planned for March.

However, before that, there was another youth event in Germany: Carsten, DM9EE, opened his contest station for youngsters to operate during CQWW SSB, as part of YOTA’s Youth Contesting Program. Six youngsters from three countries, some of which have never met before, manned the Multi-Two station for the full 48h of the contest. For those that want to take the chance as well, this year YCP will stop by DP9A during CQWW SSB, and motivated young operators are always sought after!

This year’s callsign for December YOTA Month in Germany was DF0YOTA. Like last year, the callsign was used by youngsters all over Germany, totalling 4453 QSOs. For this year, we hope that we can get both more youngsters on the air as well as more QSOs into the log. Ideally we can get some big station(s) opening their doors for youngsters, but whether we can arrange that remains to be seen.

By far the biggest event though was the subregional camp, taking place in Baunatal in central Germany in March. It took place right next to the DARC headquarters, in DARC’s “amateur radio center”, which consists of a radio station as well as several conference rooms, perfectly suited for format of event that we ran. For this so-called BarCamp, the participants themselves held the workshops. This relieved us from having to acquire workshops, and also fostered contact between the youngsters, most of which have never seen each other before, and also often are the only youngsters as their local club. With over 50 participants from four different countries the camp was a resounding success.

Of the participants at the camp, many met each other again at several events: DARC’s FUNK.TAG in Kassel, the Fichtenfieldday (a field day event mostly targeted at youngsters, which had a lot more actual youngsters this year), as well as the Ham Camp during Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen. Some of the participants also got their license (or upgraded) since the subregional event. However, we do seem to have troubles motivating our youngsters to go to the summer camp in Bulgaria, with only three applicants. Part of this might have do to with summer holidays in Germany (which differ from state to state and are notoriously incompatible with most of Europe), but considering how many youngsters were at the subregional camps (and how many more there are within Germany), that is a disappointingly low interest. We’re happy about any ideas from other countries on how to tackle this issue.

Train the Trainer report – Slovakia – June 2019

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With warm weather, Radioclub OM3Kii involves youngsters in VHF/MW contesting more often. VHF Activity contest every month is a perfect opportunity to get kids behind mike, even the youngest ones.

In big contests, we are active on bands from 144 MHz up to 10 GHz that means 5 operating positions and lot of “time slots”. Young members get more and more chances to operate on 144 MHz and 432 MHz. It’s the best investment for the club with minimal affect to results as they are supervised and some are already as good as the older OPs. Without new blood we would easily had a lack of operators to cover all bands.

Youth Contest Program – King of Spain Contest as EF0F @EC2DX

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2 reports from participants at the recent Youth Contest Program in Spain at EC2DX station.


“They’re not hearing me.” – “This guy is really strong!” – “Propagation isn’t great.” – “Why have they stopped to talk in the middle of a contest?” – “They’ve stolen my frequency!” and the most important of all, “I made the contact!”.

All of these are exclamations used in an experience that started when my father (EA1UF) called me one day from work to let me know about the the possibiliy of operating in the King of Spain contest, as part of a team including other youngsters, operating from Imanol (EC2DX)’s station.

I decided to accept the invitation and take advantage of the opportunity. I had no idea what to expect, but I told myself that there is always something positive to be had in every occasion, Later on, when I started to get more details, the most attractive and unexpected part was that we would be able to use the Royal callsign EF0F, which would make it an unforgettable experience.

Looking back, what makes me remember that weekend with special affection wasn’t exactly that, rather the whole experience; after 5 long hours drive with my mother EA1ABO, who doesn’t like driving fast (a bicycle could have overtaken us), I felt really well received, the equipment we were going to use was spectacular, nothing like what I‘m used to at home. We got down to business, the two YLs in the team were in charge of 40m, I had never had such a level of rapport with someone I had never met before, we would make signs at each other to keep things fun during the first 8 hours we were voluntarily on the air the first day. But that wasn’t the end of it, nor was the emotion towards the end of the contest. Trying to make contacts right up to the last few seconds… thanks to the wonderful opportunity which I’m very glad to have taken advantage of. I was able to meet a great group of people, both hams and non-hams. I will remember the experience not only because of the radio but also for the laughter and everything I learnt (which was a lot). Overcoming the initial nerves thanks to the help of other team members David EA4AOC, Imanol EC2DX and Roberto EA2RY, who were constantly on hand to help us and give us tips to make the operation easier, and the feeling of “victory” when I looked proudly at my 40m team mate.

Summing up, I think I agree with my fellow operators when we say that although this was a unique and unrepeatable experience. It’s one that I would live out again every year if it were possible.


73 de Andrea, EA1IZH
YCP team member
EF0F @EC2DX 2019



This experience started with a call from a good friend (Juan EA8RM) who told me that the EA contest club had invited me to take part in the King of Spain contest from Imanol (EC2DX)´sstation, which obviously I accepted without hesitation.

The trip started on thursday when I took a flight via Madrid, arriving at Bilbao around 2330 local time. Imanol and Eider picked me up from the aiport and we spent the night at their house in San Sebastian. Early next morning after a shower and breakfast, we left for the station, which is 200km from San Sebastian. I didn’t know anything about Imanol’s station, I imagined it was a good station but it wasn’t until I got there and saw evrything that I realised how lucky I was to be able to operate from there.

We had only talked on the phone but from the start it was as if we had known each other forever, they were very kind with all of the team. The truth is that I would never have thought I could have had such a good time in one single weekend. The youth team was made of Andrea EA1IZH, Oihane, and myself

We returned to San Sebastian on sunday, stayed the night there, and then Eider took me for a tourist tour round the city. In the afternoon they took me back to the airport for my return trip to EA8.

I didnt just operate from the station, I also was lucky enough to have a long chat with Imanol about his station and the truth is that you learn a lot from a person like him. I though it was marvellous that most of the station is home made, and also Eider is worthy of admiration. She isnt a ham but fits into the ham world perfectly and I though it was unbelievable everything they do to help try to get through to youngsters who are interested in radio.

An experience I would repeat without a doubt.


73 de Roberto, EA8DGH
YCP team member
EF0F @EC2DX 2019



Train the Trainer report – Czech Republic – May 2019

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Czech Republic Championship of Children and Youth in Radio Engineering

Recently in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Radio Club organised Championship in Radio Engineering. During the weekend, from 10.5 to 12.5.2019, had to 28 participants from all Czech Republic show their skills in Radio-Amateur Sport. Participants were separated into three categories: younger pupils (under 12 years old), older pupils (13-16 years old) and youth (17-19 years old). They competed in three disciplines: pass an expert test, make a competition product in time and introduce their own product.

After completing the last part of the competition, the participants went on a trip to Pustevny. That was the time to evaluate.

The prize was awarded to 9 participants from all categories

See more:

Jan contesting from his student dormitory

Honza OK1JD took part in 1st subregional VHF contest and few local FM 145/432 MHz contests. He took his handheld and J-pole made on YOTA Austria, sat into the window of the highest floor of the college dormitories and whistled CW by his mouth into the microphone in his FT-60 (modulated CW is granted with more points in those contests). It was very funny to call the CQ-ing station and ask her (verbally), if she knows CW and if we could make QSO this „whistled way“. Surprisingly 2/3 of stations were so enthusiastic as him, so quite a lot of contacts was made.

Unfortunately, instead of what was mentioned above, there was a group of very unhappy people. Those were the inhabitants of highest accomodations near the window, where he sat during the FM contests. Surprisingly nobody from them was interested in this loud activity, which disturbed students from studying. Yes, no doubt with that, they had a good point. Bud highest window in the highest floor, is a highest window in a highest floor, HI. Where else should the VHF operator deny his attention, HI!!!

Our Future plans?

Maker Faire 22.6 -23.6.

During these days there will be fair for hobby doers in field of RC models, electronic enthusiasts, hobby scientists etc. The Czech Radio Club will have the stand there. We will be showing SSTV via satellite repeater, man will take a picture of himself and we will send it to the repeater using one radio. They will be able to see how the picture is being received on another radio on the other side of our stand.

Team YOTA @HAMRADIO Friedrichshafen 2019 – Day 3

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The last day of the fair started again at 9 o‘clock. While the whole fair wasn‘t as crowed as Saturday, we were visited by a lot of people who were attracted by all the YOTA promotion activities of the previous day. Also some of the Big Gun Contest stations came by to discuss further details about the Youth Contesting Program. We hope to soon announce more upcoming YCP events!

At 12 o‘clock the last prize draw for this year‘s fair took place. Great to see again a crowd around our booth and the happy faces of our winners!

Soon the fair was coming to an end and it was time for the dismantling. Everything stowed away in the car, the team made their way home again. Thank you to all people involved into the preparations, the organisation and the presence for our very own YOTA booth this year – you have been awesome!

At this point also a huge THANK YOU to the DARC HamCamp organizers who offered our international youngsters a cheap and most comfortable place to stay over the weekend directly in the fairgrounds. They already announced that they will have more capacity coming up in next years editon!

See you all again at HamRadio 2020 in Friedrichshafen. Don‘t miss all our activities through the year; keep updated about our events via our homepage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

73 de YOTA PR Team

Team YOTA @HAMRADIO Friedrichshafen 2019 – Day 2

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The YOTA booth was ready for today’s fair at nine o’clock. Right at the beginning the first visitors were already there. Attracted by the many young people at the booth, many came by during the day, from young to old, to find out more about YOTA and its activities.

Around 10 am most of the youngsters could be found in room Liechtenstein, where the International Youth Meeting took place again. The room was full beyond the last chair! We even had to organize a few more chairs for all the visitors. After a short welcome by our chair Lisa (PA2LS), Riku (JR2KHB) gave a special lecture about youth activities organized through YOTA Japan, a project born and inspired by YOTA of IARU Region1. But also the European activities did not come too short: reports from Germany (Claudia – DC2CL, Philipp – DK6SP), Finland (Kati – OH2FKX) and Italy (Silvio – IZ5DIY) about the latest YOTA Subregional Camps followed. In the end, of course, a photo of all the present youth should not be missing!

At noon the YOTA team (Claudia – DC2CL, Philipp -DK6SP) were guests at the Contest Forum and presented the Youth Contesting Program. The present Big Gun contesters from all over the world were astonished when they saw what excellent teamwork and places the youth teams made during their participation in the contest during the YCP Program!

At this point a big THANKS to Lukas (OE1LBS), Wolfgang (OE1WBS), Nici (OE1NBS), Sylvia (OE1YXS) and Pieter (ON1GPS) for streaming all the YOTA events during this years HAMRADIO!

In the afternoon all the youngsters gathered again in the big exhibition hall A1 for the annual “YOTA train”. The goal: to show everyone “YES, THERE IS YOUTH IN HAM RADIO!”. Starting at the YOTA booth, they visited the IARU member societies and long-time sponsors at their booths.

Later it was time for the drawing to find the today’s lottery winners. Everywhere around the booth was a huge crowd, hoping that their ticket will be the winning one.

At 6 p.m. the fair was over for Saturday – and the preparations for Sunday were on the agenda in the evening.

See you tomorrow,
73 de YOTA PR Team

Team YOTA @HAMRADIO Friedrichshafen 2019 – Day 1

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For the first time we were given the opportunity by IARU to organize our very own YOTA booth at HAMRADIO in Friedrichshafen this year.
We grabbed the chance instantly and organized everything … booth A1-594 was born.

We set up everything on Thursday in advance to be ready for the official opening on Friday 9 am.
Our booth has been crowded all day. We have been visited by a lot of youngsters from all over the world.
Meanwhile we ran the daily video reports from previous YOTA camps on our big TV screen an shared old memories together with participants.

A significant event today has been the flag handover from South Africa (2018) to Bulgaria (2019). With the help of YOTA Team OE we were able to stream it live on our official Facebook page. Moderated by our Youth WG Chair Lisa (PA2LS), we handed over the flag as well as our YOTA morse key without any problems. The audience were impressed by the presentations and videos from both teams.

After the flag ceremony finished, we went to our booth again and started the daily Prize Draw. You could win 5 brand new YOTA coffee/tea mugs and 4 original YOTA Hoodies. The booth was completely crowded and we found our lucky winners.

At 6 pm the fair closed its doors and we prepared the booth for the upcoming day tomorrow. Afterwards we all left for the annual YOTA dinner at lake Constance/Bodensee. Over 70 YOTA and friends joined at a Biergarten just next to the lake. We had great fun and everybody enjoyed the evening. Let’s see what happens tomorrow – see you soon at our booth.

73 de YOTA PR Team

Train the Trainer report – Finland – May 2019

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After the last Train The Trainer report we have done a lot for the ham radio youth – main focus on the camp Nordics On The air. The camp was held 19.-22.4.2019 in Leirisalo in Southern Finland. With the help of a total of 14 organizers we made it possible for 32 international youngsters to have an amazing time creating networks across borders while participating in amateur radio related activities. You can read more about the camp from the news here at


A lot of the Finnish Youth team’s time this year has been used for planning NOTA, but we have also remembered the coming summer and autumn. We will have a pre-planned youth meet in SRAL’s summer camp and the traditional Polar camp for Finnish youngsters will be re-organized in October. Not to forget the annual DYM operating weekend in December. We also have a great team of three participating in this year’s YOTA in Bulgaria.


Our problems in getting new youth into amateur radio are still the same as before. Finding time for the hobby and networking as the main ones. The brand of the hobby needs a facelift, since it is seen as weird and “nerdish”. We feel that Train The Trainer is a good initiative to face the problems together.


We still don’t get any information about newly licenced youth, but we do know that at least a couple very young radio scouts have recently gotten their licenses and they have been integrated to SRAL’s youth.


Our official social media pages are NOTA’s (Nordics on the air) Instagram @nordicsontheair and our new Nordics On The Air Facebook page which will be updated frequently. On top of that we have WhatsApp group chats for Finnish youngsters and our Youth team and Telegram groups for both Nordic co-operation and NOTA 2019.