YOTA Summer Camp 2023 | Day 3 | 08.08.2023

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August 9 YOTA Activities: A Day Filled with Radio Adventures

This blog post is written by YOTA Team France.

Early Morning Radios

The day kicked off for Team France with a true dedication to the art of radio communication. Bright and early at 4:30 AM, F4IEY was up and running HA1KHJ station. The thrill of making contact with stations around the world was invigorating, and we made it to reach 2000 QSOs before even sitting down to breakfast.

The only band working at 4AM!

Following the morning radio run, we went to the IARU lecture by F4GKR. His ability to connect with the younger generation was palpable, leaving us all inspired and making us understand what IARU is doing for us, as individual hams, and youngsters. As the lectures continued, the energy in the meme channel was contagious, leading to the birth of a fantastic idea – a very soon upcoming presentation about the Meme Appreciation Month

Meme sample from the #memes channel

Afternoon Explorations

The afternoon was marked by a unique tradition – flag pictures. Although the day for this choice remains a mystery (it feels more logical to do this at the end), it provided an opportunity for camaraderie and a bit of light-hearted fun.

French Speaking Countries

Then I decided to set up my QRP equipment, a 705 paired with a trusty Buddipole. We attempted to activate HG23YOTA on a 40m band with a mere 5W of power. To our delight, the pileup was very real, and against the odds, we managed to log 6 more QSOs!

Precious little rig

Adventurous Evening

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the adventure continued. Equipped with headlamps and a spirit of exploration, we embarked on an ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) challenge under the veil of darkness. Our mission was to locate 5 hidden beacons, and armed with our trusty lights, the journey took on an exhilarating edge.

The evening also brought a welcome surprise – the outdoor station was operational. Cheers erupted as successful contacts were made, marking another milestone in our YOTA journey.

Midnight Magic

The day concluded on a triumphant note, with over 600 additional QSOs achieved across a multitude of bands before the clock struck midnight. The dedication and passion of all participants were palpable, underscoring the remarkable community that had formed over the course of our YOTA activities. 

73 DE F4IEY / K4IEY Jules – Team France

YOTA Summer Camp 2023 | Day 2 | 07.08.2023

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This blog post is written by YOTA Team Finland

YOTA Summer Camp Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

As before, the day once again started with lectures, the subjects being:

High-Speed Telegraphy: Basically, receiving and transmitting morse at inhuman speeds, also being good practice for DXing. After this, we had lunch and went sightseeing in the city where the camp is held in. We got to see the beautiful city of Győr and hear amazing facts about the city told by a local. For example, we saw a citadel that was first constructed in the time of the Roman Empire and a house where Napoleon used to live! Also, we had a chance to taste the best Ice Cream in Győr, which ironically enough, was Italian Gelato. It was good though!

Győr sightseeing

After the sightseeing, we went for dinner and had an educational Train the Trainer -lecture. We have to learn to teach by being taught! The TTT session also had a couple of guest stars when first Mario EA1JAY presented us with the Spain subregional camp as a great example of what TTT can lead to. Last, but not least Leon DL3ON told us about his experiences at the YOTA Region 2 camp. It was nice to hear what kind of activities our friends in the Americas are doing!

Mario EA1JAY Presenting Spain subregional camp

After the lectures, many people could be found inside the camp station, where many great contacts were made. Someone had a successful satellite QSO on 70cm, and we captured some moon signals on 2m! We, unfortunately, didn’t have an amplifier, so TX wasn’t possible. Alex DL2ALY was kindly sharing his knowledge and teaching people about the wonders of satellites. The station was buzzing with life and the sounds of QSOs left and right and tales tell that some late-night operators were seen working up until the first hours of the next morning. Some people stayed outside enjoying the leftovers from the past days Intercultural evening

YOTA Summer Camp 2023 | Day 1 | 06.08.2023

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This blogpost is written by YOTA Team Finland

YOTA Summer Camp – the first whole day

Sunday was the first whole day in the YOTA23 Györ. After waking up from the first well-rested night for many who traveled from afar, we had a pleasant breakfast in the cafeteria and headed to the lecture hall.

At first, we got to know each country by having short presentations about what each country’s radio youth are doing, and how they are doing in terms of the size and frequency of their activities. Then we got a nice lecture about ARDF, and even got to try it in the afternoon!

At the ARDF exercise, all teams were given an 80m handheld receiver with directional antennas, and we had to find low-powered transmitters hidden around a marked area. Some brave youngsters even got to venture in a small forest to look for transmitters!

After the ARDF we got to do some split activities. It could be anything from kit building and learning CW to going out swimming in a river or operating in the camps radio station. This was a well-received interactive experience and both the CW from basics and kit building were so popular that neither could fit all the people who wanted to participate in one go. Luckily, we will have more opportunities to continue from where we left off.

To crown the first day, we had the intercultural evening, where every country prepared their own booth where they could serve some goods from their countries, or tell people stories and information about their countries, all the while getting to know the respective countries! The evening lasted up until midnight and many people were there for the whole time! The evening was very well received and greatly helped to lift the spirits and create unity for the people present. The evening was full of laughs, kind words and appreciation towards other cultures – ham spirit at its best! There were even singalongs in various languages and especially teams Finland and Italy seemed to find many songs in common in their respective languages. And many were happy to join even in languages they might not have spoken!

Many great pictures of the evening are available online at www.ham-yota.com.

YOTA Summer Camp 2023 | Day 0 | 05.08.2023

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The 11th annual YOTA Summer Camp is here, and we already know it’s going to be an unforgettable week! From August 5th to 12th, we’re gathering in Győr, Hungary, with over 100 youngsters from 25 different countries. In our daily blog posts from the camp, you can stay updated on what’s happening on the biggest camp of the year for young hams.

While the first teams came to Hungary already on Friday, Saturday was the main day for arrivals. The teams from all around the world arrived at the campsite located at Széchenyi István University in Győr. In the 2023 edition of the summer camp, we are proud to say that multiple new societies are represented for the first time, including Egypt, Singapore, and the Republic of Korea.

In the evening the camp began with the official opening ceremony. In the ceremony we heard greetings from people behind the camp including organizers, IARU representatives, and the President of MRASZ – the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society. The participants also got their first look at the highlights of the interesting program that the camp offers.

The opening ceremony was live-streamed on the YOTA YouTube channel. You can watch the recording of the opening ceremony here: https://www.youtube.com/live/zYSZ42vp2rc?feature=share

The post continues after the picture

The program on the camp will be varying with a focus on teaching and experiences. The interesting lectures will among other things teach the participants about the world of contesting, SDR, and High-speed telegraphy. Participants are given a chance to practice kit-building and ARDF. There is even a possibility to participate in a CW course. As different cultures are always present at the YOTA Camp, the popular intercultural evening will happen once more. The camp will also include excursions to the capital city Budapest and the beautiful city of Győr where the camp is held.

Tomorrow you will hear about what we did on the first whole day at the campsite. But before that, find us on air with the callsign HG23YOTA and greet the future of the ham radio!

Check the pictures from the first day: https://www.ham-yota.com/gallery/?albumid=12085


YOTA Summer Camp Hungary 2023

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On Saturday the 11th annual YOTA Summer Camp, will take place in Győr, Hungary, from the 5th to the 12th of August 2023.  

More than 100 participants from all over region 1 and guests from region 3 will attend the camp to enjoy ham radio together. Our schedule is filled with fun activities such as Night ARDF, the Intercultural Evening and “Train The Trainer” sessions, in which we discuss current topics in youth work across the member societies and develop ideas to tackle some of our common challenges together. Don’t forget to come and have a QSO with us! We will be on air with the callsign HG23YOTA. 

We invite you to join us for the Opening Ceremony of the YOTA Summer Camp this Saturday, 5th August 2023, from 1800 UTC as the event will be live streamed on YouTube. 

During the week the camp festivities will take over the YOTA Social media platforms. We’ll be sharing daily highlights, behind-the-scenes moments, and thrilling activities, so you won’t miss a thing. Join our online community and be a part of the camp experience from wherever you are!  

Feel free to share these updates on your own social media platforms, spreading the enthusiasm to your societies and anyone else who might be interested.  

We are looking forward to a successful YOTA Summer Camp Hungary 2023 ahead! 


KOTA – Kids On The Air Czechia 2023

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We are excited to announce that the Czech Radio Club (ČRK/CRC) in cooperation with the IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group is organizing the KOTA Subregional Camp at castle Trhanov, from September 15th to 17th, 2023. This camp provides a fantastic opportunity for young radio enthusiasts between the ages of 10 and 15 to come together and participate in thrilling programs and activities.

During the camp, participants will have the chance to engage in various interactive sessions, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. The program is designed to offer valuable insights into the world of amateur radio, fostering a spirit of exploration and learning.

Please note that the program will be conducted primarily in Czech language, and due to the young age group, we kindly request that you consider this factor when recommending participation.

If you have any queries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Martina OK2YLQ at detiamladez@crk.cz.

We kindly ask you to share this announcement with your national societies and young enthusiasts who may be interested in joining us for this enriching event.


Note: This event is intended to be an extension of the existing YOTA initiative. Since the event includes a new target audience, the 2023 event is intended to serve as a pilot project to further discuss the concept at the upcoming IARU R1 General Conference in Serbia in November. Meanwhile, it will be treated as a YOTA Subregional Event in terms of monetary support and program.


Source: IARU Region 1, Youth Working Group

Youth Working Group – Livestreams, Friedrichshafen HAMRADIO 2023

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The IARU R1 Youth Working Group is ready and set for the upcoming 3 days of Europe’s biggest ham fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany – the HAMRADIO 2023.

We’d like to invite you and your youngsters to join our team at the IARU R1 Youth Booth (A1-766) for a conversation as well as our scheduled meetings. These meetings will also be live streamed to the YOTA YouTube channel.

Please find the Program and Livestream links directly from here:

Friday, 23rd June:

  • December YOTA Month (DYM) & YOTA Contest – Plaque Awarding Ceremony 1300 – 1345 UTC, Main Stage, Livestream
  • How to Youth Work – A View into the Train The Trainer Program 1345 – 1430 UTC, Main Stage, Livestream

Saturday, 24th June:

  • IARU R1 International Youth Meeting 0800 – 0945 UTC, Room Liechtenstein, Livestream
  • YOTA Summer Camp Flag Ceremony 1300 – 1345 UTC, Main Stage, Livestream
  • The Youth’s Potential within Amateur Radio 1345 – 1430 UTC, Main Stage, Livestream

On to a successful weekend!

73 Team IARU R1 Youth Working Group

December YOTA Month 2022 – Plaque Winners

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We are glad to announce the winners of the December YOTA Month 2022 wooden plaque winners within the following categories:

  • Most stations contacted (CW)
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations in CW mode within the award program

    • F5MQU


  • Most stations contacted (SSB)
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations in SSB mode within the award program

    • OE8MKQ


  • Most stations contacted (DIGITAL)
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations in DIGITAL modes within the award program

    • HA7XL


  • Most stations contacted
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations overall within the award program

    • OM3CND


  • Best overall score OM
    Best overall achieved award score by an OM

    • F4EZJ


  • Best overall score YL
    Best overall achieved award score by a YL

    • DL7PIA


  • Best overall score Youngster
    Best overall achieved award score by a Youngster (< 26)

    • 9A2ZI (born 2001)


The IARU R1 Youth Working Group will reach out to all winners shortly with an invite to join the awarding ceremony to be held during HamRadio fair 2023 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
If a winner will not be able to attend in-person, the wooden plaques will then be shipped via mail accordingly afterwards.

Congrats to all winning entries and we hope to seeing you all active again within the upcoming 2023 edition of DYM – the December YOTA Month.

HamCamp | Friedrichshafen HamRadio Fair 2023

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We are glad to announce that DARC is once again hosting its famous HamCamp during upcoming Friedrichshafen fair in Germany from 22nd – 25th June 2023. There will be 160 beds available for youngsters up to 27 years of age and their attendants.

Please find all necessary information and registration from here. In case of any occuring questions, please reach out to the organizers at hamcamp@darc.de directly.

Hope to seeing you all again in Germany soon!



Source: Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) – Youth Department

Train The Trainer report – Team USA – DYM 2022

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Wow, what a fun DYM 2022!

We had about 37 operators from not just the United States, but all over the world. For the first time ever, we welcomed many operators from outside of the U.S. that not only were amateurs in their respective countries, but had U.S. callsigns, meaning they could run remotely into U.S. stations using the K8* callsigns without violating any CEPT agreements. With many youths hooked up with the Remote Ham Radio Youth Program, this made it very easy for them to get on the air.

We were active on pretty much all modes, including satellites, with KE8RJU and others activating the satellites when necessary. In the past, we had many repeat volunteers to operate the callsigns, but this year saw many new licensees and youth willing to participate. We definitely advertised more this year that we were looking for more new operators, which definitely helped our cause to get more youth on the air. This increase of the number of operators from different areas of the United States and the world made it difficult to schedule operators to operate at particular times. Therefore, we pretty much just sent schedules out via Google Sheets to the interested operators that wanted to participate, making the process more automated and up to the youth operators on when they wanted to get on the air.

It was fun to get to know many of these youths that have the same interests as me, and I can’t wait for this year’s DYM 2023.