Youth Contesting Program (YCP) 2019

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Check out our Youth Contest Program (YCP) 2019. Youth members from IARU R1 member societies are invited to take part in a contest from so called “Top-Gun” stations. These young HAM’s will learn how to operate the contest station, improve their contest skills and will aim for the best results together as a team.
We have contests confirmed from our long time partners 9A1A, ES9C and 4O3A already. But we would like to welcome our new stations into the program as well 
LX7I will make the beginning during upcoming ARRL SSB, LZ9W, OZ5E and DP9A will be available for contests later in the year 
We hope for additional locations joining soon! More information and the application form is available here.

Nordics On The Air Finland 2019

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Nordics On The Air 19.-22.4.2019 in Finland – a YOTA sub-regional ham camp open for all youngsters

This year, the annual Nordics On The Air ham youth camp will be held in Finland during Easter, the 19th-22nd of April. We invite all the Nordic youngsters to take part in a fun weekend full of radio related activities, meeting new friends and having a great time! Since this is a sub-regional YOTA camp we have some extra seats reserved also for you outside of the Nordic countries!
Want to learn more? Check out this link.

Train the Trainer report – Italy – December 2018

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This is our first TTT report, here is Fiodor IZ7YBG – someone know me from the 2016 Austrian summer camp, as well as from Friedrichshafen and crazy trips across Europe – taking the task of collecting the wide variety of YOTA activities, which the Italian group does across the country.

But, as this is the first Italian report, it’s important to write down “how we get here”, our “little” but amazing history, we are proud of it, as everyone that trust in the YOTA importance, and, more widely in the HAM RADIO is.
Before 2015, YOTA Italy was just a small group of Italian youngsters, from north, centre and south, taking part to some YOTA summer camps; there wasn’t any kind of organization, bond with the ARI (Italian ham radio society) and growing plan.

Between 2014 and 2015, Silvio IZ5DIY and Alex IV3KKW – you will know them for sure – they started to revolutionised the Italian idea of YOTA, being able to “look to the future” in the right way, despite of the bad ARI internal situation, clearly with no time for the YOTA world. Silvio and Alex – with the big help of OMs from Toscana – organized the 2015 YOTA summer camp; strange but true, at that time there weren’t so many youngsters, or to be precise, they weren’t GATHERED.

From the summer of 2015, our group has seen an amazing exponential grow, due several some important strategic activities:

  • –  Creation of a Telegram group to gather all the – already known – youngsters;
  • –  Continuous survey on and national ham radio forums, looking for new youngsters to add to our telegram group and to involve in YOTA Italy activities;
  • –  Meeting during an important national ham radio exhibition (Montichiari, Brescia), with brain storming activities and games to collect new ideas for the future;
  • –  Participation to the Friedrichshafen exhibition, using to hamcamp as suggested from the Austrian guys (we started to learn from the other country too); At the end of 2016, YOTA Italy counted around 50 members, off course just a 30 % of this big number was active, but, it has been a BIG GOAL, due to an improvement circle that was started from some oldsters like Silvio and Alex, but kept active and increasing tanks to the Italian YOUNGSTERS.

– The participation of the Italian team to the Austrian 2016 summer camp had in important effect on our group, we discovered new people in our country as well as outside, made new important and never-ending bonds, placing the foundation for our growth.

A big group of guys from the I3 region – Trento, Verona, Venezia, Udine areas – started to gather some years ago. An amazing number of new youngsters – new as well as already licensed – gets involved in ham radio and YOTA.
New activities took places from 2016 until now:

  • –  Participation to the YOTA DECEMBER MONTH, from personal and team stations, involving newbie, clubs license class students and scout guys;
  • –  Scout JOTA-JOTI activities and “open days” shared with scout groups to mutual exchange knowledge about ham radio and scout activities: they taught us how to communicate by flags and morse code and, we gave them some kits to build a simple CW key; beautiful time spent all together;
  • –  Participation to several national and international HF and VHF contests in teams;
  • –  Presence in main Italian national exhibitions;
  • –  Montecassino subregional camp, we all knew how much it has benn amazing! But, maybe, a specific article just for that subregional camp – maybe wrote by the organizers too – could be better;
  • –  Friendship made between youngsters and many oldsters across the country. Really important point to grow being supported be lot of people, that give always us lots of important life and technical notions;
  • –  Verona’s ARDF fox hunting – opened both to our youngsters and to local scouts – after a national VHF meeting, held in the big Verona’s ARI club;
  • –  Sota and VHF contest from mountain to gather more and more our youngsters, as well as the oldsters;
  • –  Several rally assistances, after attending a course – in the local radio club – to manage this particular kind of radio comm;
  • –  Team building social and relaxing activities like bowling, pizzas, birthday parties as well as funny trips during winter and summer holidays. Summarizing, the Italian group saw a big growth in the last two years, now, we can count about 70 members on our telegram group. We have a good affluence at our periodic meeting, like ham radio exhibitions, as well as contests and casuals visits to other youngsters due to work or please travels. The interest for the participation to the annual summer camps is growing and we try always to send new people, sure that there will be always other amazing opportunities for the rest of the group to gather with the international part of the YOTA group.

However, as whatever group of people/association, we had some troubles in our group too; sometimes we misunderstood – especially due to the use of chats, instead of real life interaction – the actions of each other, reaching the point to argue. But, what is important is that we managed to clear our minds and focus on the next goal, reconciling and, surprisingly, getting new power, as well as new people – both youngster and oldsters like Cristian IN3EYI – involved in our rise to the future.

We still have problems with our national society management, they know that we exist, but, maybe, they are too old to give us a real place, a real importance in their “system”. We continue to spread out the verb of YOTA “just” with the helps of local clubs and/or single enthusiast oldsters, but there isn’t a big common national interest for us, at the important level of the association. We rely always on the interest of someone, this is why, maybe, most of the members of the Italian YOTA group are in north Italy – especially around the club of Verona, which is doing a remarkable job – where the common interest for the ham radio and, thus, for the youngsters is higher.

This is an another situation that has to be strongly improved: 90% or more of the group is in north Italy. Just for example, I’m quite alone here in I7 Puglia area, 700 km south of the main centre of activity.

  • –  Make the centre and south clubs aware of the existence of YOTA, but we still need a big help from the national society management to do that.
  • –  Spread out the voice of YOTA more and more in the south, involving scout and intermedium and high school students;
  • –  Create events in the south, like meeting or presence to exhibition to show our existence;
  • –  Do activities like EM comms to show how to use radios with no mobile phone network with scout and students;
  • –  Introduction into antennas setup and necessary equipment to run a ham radio station
  • –  DIY projects as the one that were organized during the various YOTA Summer Camps
  • –  A good and interested audience could be found in scouts groups. A collaboration with them could be very productive and fun as well. Best 73s de Fiodor de Palma IZ7YBG

YOTA Youth Sked – new edition 2019

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In 2019 we start again with the YOTA Youth Sked, with the main objective of gathering youngsters on the amateur radio bands.

We decided to have this radio event every fourth Thursday of each month from 19:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC, and every month there will be a different group of youngsters that will act as a net control. If you and your youngsters team like to hold the next one, please get in touch with us.

On January 24th, the first YOTA Youth Sked controllers will be a group of Italian youngsters from Verona.
They will be active on the bands with the special call IQ5YE (YOTA Event), and there will also be a dedicated web site with a Live-Log where you can also see the activity live.

Main theme for this Sked will be :

“How to increase the passion of young people in the world of amateur radio”.

Everyone (young or not) is invited to take part and interact on the bands and on the web.

Remember to turn on the radio on 7.175 kHz +/- qrm and later on 3.675 +/-.

Let’s give Youngsters a voice!

Follow us, we will give you further details soon!


Team IQ5YE 2019

Call for Application – YOTA Bulgaria 2019

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Call for application: Youngsters On The Air Bulgaria 2019

We are proud to announce that the 9th edition of Youngsters On The Air will be held in Bulgaria, close to the capital city Sofia. BFRA (Bulgarian Federation of Radioamateurs)will be hosting the event, which will take place in the summer of 2019.

In this YOTA Camp we will be continuing with our train-the-trainer (TTT) program, which will be the main theme of the week. Participants will be working on the future of amateur radio and will be involved in workshops where they gain skills to start similar amateur radio youth events when they are back home. With this we are aiming to create a snowball effect, there will be more and more YOTA events all over the world. This also allows other youngsters and newcomers to enjoy amateur radio.

Last YOTA we kicked off our train-the-trainer program, the first outcomes are available on the TTT website.

TTT will not be the only topic of the event, there will be time to enjoy amateur radio as well, think about visiting LZ9W, kit-building or visiting the factory of ACOM. We will be enjoying Bulgaria and get the opportunity to see a part of the beautiful country. Since there are many nationalities visiting the event, there will cultural elements in the event. One of them will be the intercultural evening, where all participants bring foods and drinks from their home country.

Previous events have shown that all participants are having an unforgettable week, where many new friendships are started. To obtain a better understanding of such an event you are encouraged to have a look at the gallery and video clips from previous YOTA camps at

Each IARU R1 member society is invited to take part with a team. A team consist of a team leader and team members. We request member societies to select motivated youngsters with an organisational and hands-on mindset. This request requires a commitment from member societies to support these youngsters when they return home after the event.

Team leader
– Age 18-30 years, since we are highly focussing on a train-the-trainer program, it is preferred to select a youth coordinator or person who is eager to organize amateur radio youth events.

A person that already attended to a previous YOTA Camp is preferable.

Team member
– Age 15-25 years
– Have not been on a previous YOTA summer camp.

If a member society has a valid reason to select a participant who has been to a previous YOTA event, the IARU R1 Youth WG needs to be aware of this and will make the final decision.

All participants, including team leaders, should take part in the entire program.

When: 11 to 17 August 2019

Location: surrounding of Sofia, Bulgaria

Fees: €25 per participant

All other costs (accommodation, food, activities) are covered.

Teams will be picked up at the airport and transported to the venue.

After the event

It is expected from all participants to take after the event actively part in the TTT program of IARU R1 and that they submit their youth programs and plans. This will be shared as well on the TTT website. All participating teams are committing to write an article about the event for the magazine and/or website of their member society,

Should your member society be interested to participate, please respond by filling in the form ( before 1 February 2019. Remember, there is a limit of 80 participants. Make sure that you apply in time. We will announce the participating countries, including number of team members, shortly after the deadline date.

December YOTA Month 2018 Final Report

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Another December came and went, and with it another edition of December YOTA Month did as well. We are happy to host an event which brings young people – licensed HAM radio operators and youngster who are new to the hobby and are making their first QSOs alike, and inspires them to be more active on the bands and shows them there are many people listening on the other side. For a better overlook on the past month we make sure to keep statistics; this is not to say that the joy isn’t in the experience, but rather to confirm it. This year as many as 44 participating stations made 82,938 QSOs in December, proving once again that neither the weather nor the holidays can keep a radio amateur away from the station. And while December YOTA Month is not a competition, for the truly devoted to catching as many special calls as they can, there were awards and in 2018 there were 1516 awards downloaded throughout the DYM period. Most active this December were II5YOTA with the whopping 8,387 QSOs made from their station, whereas the 28th of December proved to be the most active day for the participating stations as 5,326 QSOs were made on that day alone. The most popular mode remains SSB with 46,989 QSOs made in this mode, followed by 28,064 QSOs made in CW, while 40m (30,280 QSOs) and 20m (31,004 QSOs) were the preferred bands. You can find the respective charts under where a more detailed presentation might be entertaining for you, but while the numbers are important to keeping track of things, what has been the most important to us from the very first December YOTA Month and will keep being the prime goal for the future as well, is that it continues to be an event that is awaited with excitement and concentrates on bringing young people in a world they might have not known anything about, yet might find themselves mesmerised by. So to all of you who show them the way to their first QSOs, keep up the great job and we can’t wait to hear from you next December.

Train the Trainer report – Ethiopia – December 2018

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Training Young Operators:

As it is already mentioned in the previous report, there are new youngsters actively engaging in our society. They have been taking introductory courses about ham radio for the last three months and now they can turn on radio and work QSO easily. Currently, those youngsters are operating only on SSB and FT8 mode, but they are also interested to learn other modes like CW and RTTY.

CQ Worldwide DX:

This year ET3AA participation in CQ WW DX contest was successful like previous years. Our operators were able to made 1350 contacts with 55 zones both in 20m and 15m. This contest was a great opportunity for the new youngsters to get an exposure to the idea of contesting.

December YOTA:

This year December YOTA was very successful compared to previous years experience. We were able to made about 4000 contacts and won a silver award for the first time in our station history. In addition to this, two guest operators (Bob Johnson W9XY and Ken Claerbout K4ZW) from USA were operating from our station for one week and this was a very good opportunity for our members to get experience about 160m and 80m bands.

Other Activities:

In addition to the above activities, our youngsters were working on 10 Watt QSX kit building and construction of Spider Beam antenna which can work on both 160m and 80m with the help of Ken Claerbout (K4ZW).

Plans for the Next two Months Organizing Workshop:

For the coming two months we have a plan to organize more workshops with strong emphasis in creating awareness about ham radio in our community.

Training Session:

We also have a plan to organize different training session both by our senior members and guest ham operators. In these training sessions we are planing to include other modes of operations in addition to SSB. The main objective of the training sessions is to attract as many youngsters as possible.

Train the Trainer report – Estonia – December 2018

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The most recent activity from Estonia has been activating ES9YOTA callsign from various cities giving youngsters a chance to work other stations around the world. Not only usual everyday QSO’s but also getting experience on handling pile-ups. During the YOTA month, our biggest event was from ES5TV’s station where a group of youngsters (mostly from ES5 region) had the opportunity to participate in RTTY contest. Some of them made a QSO for the very first time.
Our plans for the next two months are to participate in 3 contests. One of them is NRAU-Baltic (which is Scandinavia+Baltic region oriented). NRAU contest have a certain Multi operator category, where at least half of the team has to be 20 years or younger. As of now we don’t have any long term plans.
We also have one new license – ES7GR (age 21).

5 January 2019 Kids Day

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The 5th of January it’s again Kids Day. This event is especially created to promote Amateur Radio to youth. This is a moment where you can share your amateur radio hobby with your family, grandkids, friends, scouts or even to the general public. This day can be the first time for youth to experience a real radio QSO, hopefully they get interested in becoming a licensed amateur radio operator.

You could make use of this suggested exchange: Name, age, location and favourite colour. Be sure to work the same station again if an operator has changed. To draw attention, call “CQ Kids Day.”

Suggested frequencies IARU R1:
10 Meters: 28.350 to 28.400 MHz
15 Meters: 21.360 to 21.400 MHz
20 Meters: 14.270 to 14.300 MHz
40 Meters: 7.080 to 7.120 MHz
80 Meters: 3.650 to 3.750 MHz

Other suggested frequencies by ARRL:
12 Meters: 24.960 to 24.980 MHz
17 Meters: 18.140 to 18.145 MHz
40 Meters: 7.270 to 7.290 MHz
80 Meters: 3.740 to 3.940 MHz

Next Kids Day will be 15 June 2019.

Train the Trainer report – USA – October 2018

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When we (AE4FH and WX4TV) arrived back in Florida from YOTA 2018, we immediately started Train the Trainer.  As soon as we got out of the airport, we drove for 12 hours to the Huntsville Alabama Hamfest to tell about our experiences at YOTA and encourage youth to get involved.  About a week later, Faith Hannah (AE4FH), spoke about YOTA at several club meetings that youth attend and tried to get the youth in those clubs active.  The most success we have achieved is with our YouTube channel, Ham Radio (dot) World, where we encourage more people to get into the hobby, many of them youth.  Since YOTA 2018, we have been able to inspire about ten people to get their license or upgrade.

In the next few months, we plan to participate in the December YOTA month with the callsign WK1DS/YOTA.  During December, this callsign will be active with hams and potential hams of all ages.  We are considering having a “YOTA day” where it would be like a YOTA summer camp, but just for one day.  In the next few years, we hope to have YOTA started in the United States and YOTA events in IARU region 2.

With these ideas, we expect to get several youth get into the hobby and youth that are already in the hobby more active.