Youth Contest Program (YCP)

Youth members from IARU Region 1 member societies are invited to take part in a contest from so called “Top-Gun” stations. These young HAM’s will learn how to operate the contest station, improve their contest skills and will aim for the best results together as a team. Further, get to know the host country and meet up with local ham radio operators. Make new friends, network amongst each other, share knowledge and have a great time.

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Participating Stations in IARU Region 1 since its start in 2013:

  • 4O3A | Montenegro
  • 9A1A | Croatia
  • A44A | Oman
  • DM9EE | Germany
  • EC2DX | Spain
  • ES5TV / ES9C | Estonia
  • LX7I / LX2A | Luxembourg
  • LZ5R | Bulgaria
  • OZ5E | Denmark
  • SK3W | Sweden
  • More stations upcoming!


  • Young people aged ≤ 25 years
  • Participant should be member of IARU R1 member society
    -> 1 or 2 participants per IARU R1 member society
  • Any level of contest experience accepted
    -> Basic knowledge about contesting and using a transceiver
  • Group of ~6 international youths and ~6 domestic youths
  • Participants are asked to fund their own travel costs
    -> All other costs will be covered by IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group


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