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December YOTA Month 2017 has started!

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It is finally December and we are excited to announce, that December YOTA Month has officially begun! It is time to get on the bands again to spread the YOTA spirit and have fun while showing young people how amateur radio is not only alive, but also active and ready to grow as an activity even in a world, where communication is by other means faster. December YOTA Month also encourages us who already have our licenses to come together as a community and interact even more actively. The readiness and eagerness of societies around the world to partake is each year proved by the number of registered stations that we have; this year more than 35 stations with a YOTA suffix were registered and will be on the bands for all of us to try and make a QSO with.

If you are interested in knowing more about the stations that are taking part in DYM you can check the main website or the event’s website for more information about them.

Last but definitely not least, we always love to receive feedback on your experience during December YOTA Month as it is a mirror of our work and helps us improve! Furthermore it’s a great way to share impressions with fellow HAMs and everybody who for some reason is not able to get on the bands to feel included in the event. This is why we encourage you to send us your stories and of course pictures that we will share on our page.

With all the formalities out of our way, we wish you a December full of QSOs in the local club or at home and perhaps many new editions to the local amateur radio society. Don’t forget that December YOTA Month is not a competition – it’s all about having fun and spreading the spirit here!

See you in the log during December!

Article: Gergana, LZ1ZYL
Picture: Claudia, DC2CL

YOTA Sked Every 2nd Thursday of the month

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Hi dear Youngsters on the Air,

We’re searching for you 
This is something brand new and it’s starting soon! The YOTA Skeds.
We’ll be starting this new program by Thursday, 10th of November 2016.

The aim is to bring more and more youngsters on the air, make the YOTA community bigger and do some practice on HF of course.
The YOUTH Skeds will take place every 2nd Thursday first on 20m SSB (14255 +/- QRM) at about 1830z followed by 40m SSB (7155 +/- QRM) at about 1900z for now.
Please have a look at DX-Cluster.
Leading station will be the special call DA0YOTA, operated by YOTA Team DL.

So … let this become a new must have in amateur radio!
Vy 73 de YOTA Sked Crew

YOTA 2016 Austria – Newsflash 4 Tuesday 19/07

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On Tuesday we had our first day “outside of the camp”. We split up in two teams, one went to the Hohenwerfen Castle, while the other ones got to visit Eisriesenwelt. After the activities were over, everyone got in the bus and switched with the other team.

At Hohenwerfen castle we followed a guided tour, after which we were able to witnessed the birdshow. Of course, a few members were in charge of the COTA station. They were using OE2YOTA/P to activate the castle using both WCA (OE-00215) and COTA (OE-20215) references. During the COTA activation, the other team was bringing a visit to the biggest ice-caves of Austria. With 1400 stairs inside the caves, we walked 2km in tempratures of just below 0°C. Of course, to get to the caves, we had to use the cable car and walk for about 45 minutes to get there.

An overview of all newsflash videos can be found at: YOTA 2016 Vimeo Channel

YOTA 2016 Austria – Newsflash International Evening

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On Sunday June 17th, we had the famous International Evening. Every team brought some food and drinks from their home country for the others to taste. We planned this evening in the beginning of the week to “break the ice” for the youngsters so they get to know eachother even better. Want to know what an International Evening looks like? Have a look at this newsflash!

An overview of all newsflash videos can be found at: YOTA 2016 Vimeo Channel

YASME foundation announces grants to support youth involvement in Amateur Radio

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As you probabbly already know, the sixth edition of the Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) conference will take place in July 2016 in Wagrain, Austria. Over 100 young amateurs from all IARU regions will gather in the Austrian Alps to participate in a series of programs and workshops about amateur radio as well as inter-cultural exchanges and social interaction. Gatherings such as YOTA exemplify the ability of amateurs to work together across national borders and ethnicities in the best “ham spirit” of friendship. Today we got the good news that the Yasme Board is pleased to assist in helping young amateurs attend this meeting that otherwise would be unable to attend.

Read all about it in the official YASME press release!

YOTA @ Ham Radio 2016 Friedrichshafen

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As you know, we want to give our international visitors opportunities they would not have elsewhere and we want to make the experience unforgettable.
The Austrian amateur radio society has been celebrating their 90 years of existence by looking back at their past. Now, we are ready to look at our future and will do so at the ham-radio fair in Friedrichshafen by celebrating the OEVSV’s 90th anniversary and by setting the Youngsters On The Air program as its top priority not only for this year but for the future of existence. We hope to meet lots of youngsters at the booth of OEVSV and YOTA in hall A1!
Of course we will try to raise some more money from sponsors and donations at the Ham-Radio to be able to make the camp even better and offer you the best possible experience with gadgets such as raspberry pi computers and more!

Make sure to come and check out all the new gadgets and radios we plan to reveal this year!
Also keep in mind that our merchandise shop is online and fully stocked with awesome clothes and accessories. Profits will go directly to YOTA!

We hope to see you all at Friedrichshafen at the YOTA and Oevsv booths!

If not, see you in Wagrain, your Yota-Austria Team!