YOTA 2016 Austria – Newsflash 4 Tuesday 19/07

By July 21, 2016YOTA Austria 2016

On Tuesday we had our first day “outside of the camp”. We split up in two teams, one went to the Hohenwerfen Castle, while the other ones got to visit Eisriesenwelt. After the activities were over, everyone got in the bus and switched with the other team.

At Hohenwerfen castle we followed a guided tour, after which we were able to witnessed the birdshow. Of course, a few members were in charge of the COTA station. They were using OE2YOTA/P to activate the castle using both WCA (OE-00215) and COTA (OE-20215) references. During the COTA activation, the other team was bringing a visit to the biggest ice-caves of Austria. With 1400 stairs inside the caves, we walked 2km in tempratures of just below 0°C. Of course, to get to the caves, we had to use the cable car and walk for about 45 minutes to get there.

An overview of all newsflash videos can be found at: YOTA 2016 Vimeo Channel

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