YOTA @ Ham Radio 2016 Friedrichshafen

As you know, we want to give our international visitors opportunities they would not have elsewhere and we want to make the experience unforgettable.
The Austrian amateur radio society has been celebrating their 90 years of existence by looking back at their past. Now, we are ready to look at our future and will do so at the ham-radio fair in Friedrichshafen by celebrating the OEVSV’s 90th anniversary and by setting the Youngsters On The Air program as its top priority not only for this year but for the future of existence. We hope to meet lots of youngsters at the booth of OEVSV and YOTA in hall A1!
Of course we will try to raise some more money from sponsors and donations at the Ham-Radio to be able to make the camp even better and offer you the best possible experience with gadgets such as raspberry pi computers and more!

Make sure to come and check out all the new gadgets and radios we plan to reveal this year!
Also keep in mind that our merchandise shop is online and fully stocked with awesome clothes and accessories. Profits will go directly to YOTA!

We hope to see you all at Friedrichshafen at the YOTA and Oevsv booths!

If not, see you in Wagrain, your Yota-Austria Team!

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