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By July 30, 2015YOTA Italy 2015

Hello guys!

I am sorry to inform you that this is the last time you will be reading Dante’s scribbles about YOTA 2015 (I bet some of you are saying: “Thanks God”). The time has come to say goodbye to our weird guys, our monsters, witches and princesses. The time has come to put the final dot on this event called YOTA Italy 2015. Dante is very unhappy because he has to write the final blog. But he can’t do anything about that. He would like to stay forever on YOTA, and he is sure many people would do the same.

Saturday, 25th of July. Morning. No persons sleeping. There was no time for that, as Dante said in the Thursday blog, take a nap when you get home. Or number was smaller than on Friday. Christos 5B4AIP, Kati OH2FKX and Nicole IZ3XAK had to leave that day. All of us were sad, some even released a few tears from their eyes. Well, the breakfast was at 8 as usually (but no pasta ). And as usually, many people were not there. As one of our Irish friends has said it: “We could use some search parties”. The previous night was a relief to us, we had some rain, and even we had some thunderstorm. It was a bit noisy but we didn’t pay attention. Some of us were “Chilling like a boss” (our friend Suzan from PA). Never minding of QAZ, our guys at the station were working round the clock. It was a night for CW, after all we had so few QSOs in telegraphy and a way more in phone.

Despite of everything, we must write about the most hated part of every gathering: saying goodbye and leaving. After breakfast, two teams had to say goodbye. 9A an YU left by their cars. Following them, our organizers started transporting them to Pisa. Very large teams from E7 and ZS left at around 9. They had a spot of luck, just like the ON team that left 1 hour before breakfast, because everything was running smoothly for them. Later in the day we had some serious weather change. To say it shortly, it reminded many of the Biblical Flooding. Very heavy rain caused all of the flights from Galileo Galilei airport to be grounded. Just like a British weather, wouldn’t you say? Luckily the rain didn’t last so long, and youngsters were on their way back home. Some were travelling by the train, some were travelling by bus, some by car, etc. Everyone got home safely, everyone had an interesting trip with many anecdotes. Some of us had problems with their car, some had an argue with crazy bus drivers, some were mentioning embarrassing photos, some were mentioning waitresses. We’ve already mentioned our friends who were travelling by plane and troubles they had. I would have said more about some other teams but didn’t get the info. I’ll have to ask you for an apology.

What to say at the end of the article? Well, it was a great week. For me personally, the best week in my life, and I am sure there will be some more persons that will agree with this statement. 7 days of enjoyment with fellow amateur radio operators, 7 days of lectures (not about coaxial cables, about friendship), 7 days to act silly, 7 days to make noise on the bands, 7 days to learn something new, 7 days to make new friends. YOTA Italy has made itself a place in the heart of every participant. We may be thousands of kilometers away, and yet there will be a part of our personality somewhere out there under the hot Sun and blue sky of Tuscany.

And for the end, I’ll say a sentence that has been repeated by all of the youngsters on Saturday: See you at YOTA 2016!
Yours, Dante OTA
E77CW Echo-Duuškoooooo

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