Train the Trainer report – France – January 2021

Beginning from 2021 there are some changes to Train the Trainer reports. The biggest of them being that the participating countries are from now on asked direct questions in order to make answering the report easier. The answers in this particular report are from member(s) of YOTA team France


Main Questions:

How was the last summer in your country when it comes to youth work within ham radio? Did you come up with any new exciting ideas? 
Everything has been down here. There was a plan to organize a YOTA WE, as well as maybe oganizing a contest WE. Difficulty came with C19. We had talk with the society about the group who is actually not growing for many reasons. We also had a talk about representativity of the youth from France in the hobby by me with a notice of maybe a lack of it especially with some different views and intersts. It can be hard to find ourselves in a “deadlock” way.
How have your activities changed in the past six months? Have you been able to hold e.g. online events or activities within a smaller group of people?
We kept being active online with talks and many exchanges about how to develop and promote our hobby towards the youth sphere.
What kind of activities and operating possibilities did you have during the recent December YOTA Month? How did your activities differ from last year, and how did people respond to them?
Activating a special call was mainly the goal of those interested in On Air fun. Unfortunately as a small group, in C19 restrictions time, with a limit of 15 days a month of special call possibility of activity, it was a light operation. I personnaly had a great time, few of us tried to be activ as well and I think they enjoyed their time. I had the chance to be apart of 9A0YOTA crew (thanks to 9A1TT!) as well who was such a nice experience to be on, especially during that lockdown period !

Other Questions:

What kind of problems are you facing with youth work in your member society?

15 “members” in the small group of YOTA F on the maybe 30 hams in F under the age of 26. The main difficulty is the non-adequacy between all the interests and the necessity of finding a representativ leader (wich I think I am beginning to not be).

Anything else that comes to your mind or you want to share?
Starting from nowhere is pretty hard, we keep trying!


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