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Train the Trainer report – Tunisia – December 2018

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In this two months of the train the trainer program we tried to focus on different events to be in touch with youth.


This year’s program was distinguished by its richness, abundance, and its diversity compared to previous years, and its integration to a certain extent, and was divided along the three mentioned days:

The first day program consisted of receiving participants, delivering words by the organisers, introducing the attendees to the program, and exposing them to the world of ham radio through a general and comprehensive workshop.

During the second day, the activities mainly consisted of the following:
– Workshop on how to use the radio, procedures for communication.
– Workshop to learn about the world of Electromagnetic waves and antennas.

– Workshop to identify the world of digital communication, its importance in the world of amateur radio, and the methods adopted.
– Workshop to learn about the world of electronic programming with application example using Arduino.
– Workshop to identify the world of robotics and mechanisms using Arduino.
– Workshop to make a crystal receiver.
– ARDF Workshop
The day ended with a classic activity for this event, called the Great Game. This game is design to mainly test what the participants have learnt from the various workshops. It consisted of dividing them into several teams, who’s tasks are making an antenna and then finding a station with scattered components, then install it, and then operate on it, in order to experiment with the antennas made and at least obtain a correct call sign.
All teams were able to pass through all stages one of which managed to make a successful QSO.
The game was followed by a ceremonial atmosphere of a Tunisian scout tradition, which is known as “Camp fire”.

Train the Trainer report – Great Britain – December 2018

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YOTA Month
The UK has had another successful YOTA Month, with 14 different schools / institutions taking part. We estimate that roughly 300 young people have come into contact with our stations, which is a huge success.
National Radio Center
This year, the RSGB Youth Team met up at Bletchley Park, to run their own YOTA Month station. We made over 600 QSO’s and interacted with lots of young people who were visiting the museum, and attending the “Introduction to Amateur Radio” workshop.
Peter M0SWN has continued his work at Swansea University in getting students more involved with Amateur Radio. He is pleased to report that 7 of his members took the Foundation Exam in December, all of who passed. He has also been in contact with students from other universities, with the intention of helping them set up their own clubs.
YOTA 2018 Video:
The UK’s YOTA 2018 video is now live on theRSG

Train the Trainer report – The Netherlands – December 2018

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In the month October we had promote JOTA-JOTI by visit 4 local groups, we have made pictures for an article in the monthly edition of Electron. (magazine of the VERON)

On 3 November we have met youngsters and other people at the Dutch day for amature radio (

This year we had a new location at the ijsselhallen in Zwolle.

Here we had a Jeugdplein (youth square).

At this youth square many children and youngster have made a home made project. (this is a buildkit from the JOTA-JOTI service group) You can find the kits on their website:

Also in the month November, VERON had published the Youth Electron. This is a special edition of the magazine of the monthly edition of Electron.

In this special Youth edition everything is written for youth and children. This edition seems very popular by the youth and children of JOTA-JOTI and at the youth square in Zwolle.

At this moment we have the call signs PD6YOTA and PA6YOTA in the air for December YOTA Month 2018. Look for the actual logbook at

On 5 January 2019 we will participate at Kids Day. Therefore we promote this event by written an article in the Electron edition of January.


Train the Trainer report – Spain – December 2018

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Recently we participate in the event “decmber yota month” with 3 callsigns, the ao1yota and  the eg2yota at the north of spain, and the ao5yota at the east,
The station ea2epu participate in an university event called ieee,
And we (ea8dem and me ea5ima) done a “conference” at the “iberradio” event in September 15th.
For our plans to 2 month:
Doing some ham-radio courses for new people interested in our hobby, in association with “asorapa”, an ham-radio club from district 1, “ea1rci”.
Four our plans to 6/12 month:
We plans to continue with the ham courses, and we are watching the possibilities of do some conferences and other ham activities in some universities.
Greatings from spain, EA5IMA.
For more information:

Train the Trainer report – Slovakia – December 2018

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At radioclub OM3KFF, we started course for beginners with on November 2018. We propagated it on Facebook (also paid ad),  CB discussion forum, hamradio webs. Facebook ad cost just few Euros and helped a lot. We got about 12 interested people on first meeting. Some of them had a different thoughts and quit early but 8 participants are still continuing. Few youngsters but mostly young adults (25-40). Course is on week basis and we try to put info and photos on our Facebook.
We are starting with general information, show of QSOs. Than theory – operation, laws, technics. Later practical SSB and digi contacts. We are expecting exams in spring and than hopefully continuing with morse training. As weather gets warmer, we often go out for portable operation.

We are participating on December YOTA month with callsing OM18YOTA. I published public call in association magazine and web. I also personally  addressed kids and parents from my list. I expect more activity in second half of December during holiday.

Ondrej OM4DW

Train the Trainer report – Belgium – December 2018

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Since submitting our last report on November 2nd, there was not a lot of progress in youth ham radio in Belgium.

Much like our colleagues from all over the world, we are participating in the YOTA activation month of December, with callsign ON4YOTA. Operators aged 14 to 24 have made contacts in SSB, CW and digimodes. The logs are still being collected to be sent in to keep track on the YOTA website. Our goal is to make contacts on every HF band by the end of the month, being mostly active during the weekends.

Makerlab “De Shack” – discussed in our last report – has had several successful openings in the weekends. We also participated in the national science celebration day with a special opening and are happy to announce we’re now officially recognized as a STEM-academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

We also continue to look for younger amateur radio operators to participate in the YOTA activities and hope to find enthusiastic participants for next year’s summer event. We’re brainstorming on how to organize an information session/activity of some kind in the spring to gather interested youth.

The FOSDEM event we talked about is taking place next month. More info to follow in our next report!

Train the Trainer Report – Team Austria – December 2018

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Train the Trainer Report December 2018

The last two months were filled with very important events for youngsters in Austria. Although we did not organise any special meetings or activities in this period we still achieved a lot to make it easier to organise events in the future. The OEVSV (the Austrian amateur radio society) held it’s annual meeting where all the regions and different sections were present and discussed the next year, especially the budget. We made sure that youth was an important point on the agenda. Some of the young members were present to show what we had achieved during the last year and what we were planning on doing in 2019. Many of the older generation OMs did not realise how much youth work is going on and that it is worth doing. Sadly some older club members still think that youth work is not necessary and should not be supported. However we also have very strong support from other club members who are very supportive of our plans. It is great to cooperate with them, especially because they are always able to help with their experience.

The national society meeting was followed closely by the annual meeting of the largest regional club. Again a number of youngsters were present in order to show that youth is important and there are actually more youngsters in amateur radio than most people might think. We managed to get one of the youngsters, Nicolas, OE1NBS, elected as youth coordinator, you might know him from YOTA Austria. This is a great opportunity to make cooperation between the youngsters and the society easier and it allows us to work more closely together with the society. We also requested a budget for youth work, however it is not yet confirmed.

12 Amateur radio stations were set up across Austria as part of JOTA, there were many different activities as each station had their own programme. For example some offered simple kit building. Scouts could make their own CW key with a small circuit which makes a sound when pressed. This was of course accompanied by teaching the scouts to give their names etc. in CW. Highlight of the day were contacts to other JOTA stations around the world via HF, many of the young scouts were amazed that they were able to talk to other scouts in distant countries without any infrastructure in between.

Another important event was the CQ WW SSB contest. A group of youngsters was planning to take part in the contest from a large contest station, however this station was out of operation due to technical problems. Instead the team took part from the radio club headquarters. More experienced contest operators gave tips to those who were less experienced and taught them everything they know about operating. For a few of the youngsters it was the first contest.

Some of our plans for the coming months are:

  • To organise that our youth team can participate in contests, we want to create a skilled and experienced contest team but we also want to give youngsters who have very little contest experience the chance to participate. For example the DARC christmas contest which is coming up at the end of December.
  • We are working on improving the club station of the national radio society, we are adding an extra 12 metre mast with another multiband yagi and building a 4 square for 40 metres.
  • We are also organising a workshop where we will be building long wire antennas for 40, 80 and 160 metres which we will put up at the club station but which youngsters can also build themselves and take home.
  • We are working on an app which makes it easier for youngsters to learn for the radio exam. It is much easier to learn on a smartphone when you are in the train on the way to school than having to sit down with a book and learn the traditional way. We have a lot of ideas for the app. And of course we will also publish it in english. If you have suggestions or ideas you can send us an email.
  • We are considering organising a subregional YOTA camp in the summer of 2019.
  • We want to expand our social media channels to other platforms, however we first have to create more content to post on these channels. Therefore we are planning some small events especially to take pictures and make videos for instagram and youtube. Thnakfully we have some great photographers and videographers in our youth group. Hopefully the pictures will be part of the next TTT report.
  • We have approached a number of schools and were invited to present amateur radio to the students, it will definitely be interesting to see how they react and which parts they are interested in more than others. Of course we will put the presentation (translated into english) and what we learnt on the train the trainer site for you.
  • We are planning some activities in 2 technical school which already have amateur radio stations but have to be re-activated. The problem is that the students which were interested in amateur radio and which ran the station left the school because they graduated and did not pass it on to the next students. We will do a presentation at the schools and try to make it more sustainable by supporting the youngsters more and hopefully also licensing some teachers so that they can pass the interest on to the next classes.

Train the Trainer report – Norway – December 2018

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My report will be short, as I have not done very much in the last months. I do not expect that it will change much the next months either, but I can of course send a short report.
Norway (LA,LB)
We have not had any norwegian youth activities coordinated with the youth coordinator during the last months.
What did happen, is a Nordic youth team meeting close to Jyväskylä, Finland at the beginning of November. The Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish youth teams met up, joined by the Icelanders over Skype.  We discussed different ways of doing youth work and how we do it in our respective countries. In addition to being an area for learning, we also got to know each other better, which is useful for future cooperation.
The nordic youth teams have a common Instagram, @nordicsontheair.
For young Norwegian radio amateurs, there is a Facebook group called “Unge radioamatører Norge”.

Train the Trainer Report – Team Finland – December 2018

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The main thing, that has been in our mind in Finland for the past two months has been December YOTA month. DYM-camp was held at the start of December, which we mentioned in our last Train The Trainer post. It was organized by the national youth board, Nuorisotiimi. The event is now in the past, and everything worked out very well. We had around 15 participants in the age range from 15 to 27. The main focus of the event was to help and encourage youngsters to a more versatile and active hobby. Over the weekend we also made over 5000 QSOs and the number is going to increase as youngsters in Finland have a possibility to rent a callsign OH2YOTA to spread the youth around the world.

The second thing we’ve had in the past two months was a NOTA meeting and a get together weekend for Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic youth representatives in Korpilahti. The meeting was a great success and we all got some great ideas for the future of not only our countries but for the whole Nordic youth amateur radio community.

Next bigger thing in the future of Finnish and also Nordic youth amateur radio society will be NOTA, (Nordics On The Air) camp which was held in Sweden in 2018. This year it will be held in Salo, southern Finland during Easter. Also, Finnish national youth board will have a weekend meeting in January, which will be focused on youth activities in Finnish amateur radio society. Also, we have to think about getting new people into the hobby, and especially about why youngsters find their way to the hobby so rarely?

In the future, we will be marketing our hobby more widely in social media as well as in person. Finnish amateur radio magazine, “Radioamatööri” also has a special edition magazine focused to be used on marketing the hobby for youngsters. We will be spreading that more widely in the future.

Finnish youth in amateur radio will stay active on social media via Nordics On The Air Instagram page, @nordicsontheair, which will stay active in the future as it has been now. The page is maintained by Finnish and Swedish youth boards, and it is supposed to spread in other Nordic countries as well in the short-term future. We also have WhatsApp and Facebook groups for Finnish, and Telegram chat for Nordic young hams which we use widely for communication.

Train the Trainer Report – Team Algeria – December 2018

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Our projects for the next 2 months

  •  Organization of a conference on amateur radio activity within a university and (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • –  Demonstration on site with radio equipment.
  • –  Radio demonstration for Scout group leaders (aged 22-25) followed by a PowerPoint presentation


Projects 2019 (6 to 12 months)

  • –  Assembly of transmitters for ARDF practical training for young academics
  • –  Conferences within universities and high schools
  • –  Import of kits (UBTX) organization of several sessions practical work for

    the assembly of these kits

  • –  Participation in the JOTA jamboree on the air as every year
  • –  Organization of a field day for young YOTA people

    (the event will take place in a forest or mountain)

  • –  Organisation of one or two ARDF competitions
  • –  Organisation of IOTA with YOTA people


Our YOTA activities (2018) can be summarized as follows:

  •  –  January : Activity on the 160m band at the top of a hill next to a basilica Organization of a field day in East Algiers
  •  –  March : Training at the radio club of the South 7X3WPL theoretical and practical training AMSAT
  • –  April : Demonstration and basic training day for young, young Scouts of early age
    Conference on amateur radio activity in collaboration with
    an electronic club in a university with a demonstration for young students
  •   May : Simulation of emergency communication with young people in a forest in Algiers
  • –  July : Participation in the festivities of the Independence and Youth Day in East Algiers especially for young people. Organisation of an IOTA expedition in the West of Algiers with a group of young people (aged 20-33)
  • –  August :  Participation in the Arab Scout Camp demonstration
    in VHF SSTV . 
    Explanation on the radio activity given to young Scouts from several Arab countries
  • –  October : Participation in JOTI JOTA 61st edition, a training course
    was organised + a mock exam at the end.

Problems we face in getting more youngsters into amateur radio

No particular difficulties.