Train the Trainer report – Netherlands – October 2019

By January 17, 2020Train the trainer

The youngsters who participated during YOTA 2019, are planning a meeting with the youth committee of the VERON. Here we will sit together and see what kind of activities we can organize together. There are some ideas about activities with youngsters. During YOTA we had the idea to organize an ARDF day for youngsters, but this will be discussed during the meeting.


After coming back from Bulgaria, a report was written about the week itself. This article will be published in the Electron, the magazine of the Dutch society VERON.


We helped preparing for the Jota-Joti where in the midday kids under 16 came in to send on the 2-meter band and solder. In the evening, youngsters above 16 came in to work on the 70 cm and 80-meter band. The next day, the youngsters had a PMR treasure hunt and made connections on 2 meters and HF.

Next to that, preparations started for the day of the radio amateur which is held the first Saturday of November. Here the youngsters have their own stand on the youth square to show/talk to others about YOTA.


The Dutch sub regional camp (Winter YOTA) is also coming up. This is organized from the 12th of December until the 15th. Because this is in December, the call PA6YOTA will also be available for participants to use. The location is Oosterhout, which is close to Breda in the southern part of the Netherlands. During the week a lot of activities will be planned, like a treasure hunt, intercultural evening, lectures and workshops. Also during the weekend, a blog will be written and updated on and on

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