Train the Trainer report – France – January 2020

By January 17, 2020Train the trainer

I create a telegram group where we are now 13 guys (no girls for the moment). These youngsters are very happy to have been contacted to join that kind of group. They are motivated to enjoy the radio together, there are a lot of great discussions. We know the existence of some others youngs ops, but they haven’t joined the group yet for unknown reasons. The group has been created before the DYM to allow the good organisation of the activation and to maximise the pleasure of sharing the moment with other youngsters, even if we are all far from the others.

For legal reasons we had to respect a 15 days restriction for special event station activity where OnAir time were concentrate during Wenk-ends and holydays period. We manage to make some 2400 QSO’s, those who were very new really enjoyed their beginning behind the mike or the key, those who were interested by being the DX were surprised of the pile they generated and surprised about the success of their own little pistol stations. We also had an article to promote and encourage F stations to be on the air and to welcome the newcomers behind the TM19YOTA call.

For our media, the website is not yet online, we are trying to move on that project to put it online very soon. Some adjustments with the society are needed but we hope it will soon move forward.

After some discussions with the society and the group, it appears that it would be great to organise an event with the youngsters in France who won’t be able to go in Croatia for the SummerCamp. We are reflecting about a 24h contest weekend who could be good to share a great radio time, an eyeball meets to know each other.

That’s a summary of what’s happen here since October.

Next months objectives :

-Website hosting discussion with society

-Media strategy discussion

-RREF article in February

-Organisation of a YOTA F weekend

-Beginning of the organisation of the F team for the 9ASC !

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