ARDF and Workshops

By July 17, 2014YOTA Finland 2014

Today we started with some very active energizing games from LY and PA, after that the LZ team with the help of some OH radioamateurs gave a short introduction on ARDF and the use of a 80 meter ARDF handheld direction finder. The group was split in three, one started with the ARDF foxhunt, build a slim-jim antenna and morsecode sounder. In the afternoon after the lunch the groups changed activities.

In the evening after dinner we had a nice presentation from Marko OH8WM about R.Net the linking of repeaters in Finland. Some repeaters are linked by internet and some by 2.4 GHz link transceivers. The presentation showed how the network is build up and that the repeaters have to be build up from professional grade equipment to be allowed to share sites with other telecoms equipment. Marko showed some pictures of the network lay-out and repeater locations. Most repeaters are build up using old, but still high grade and standard PMR surplus.

Then it was free- or sauna time and we made a lot of eye-ball QSO’ s.

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