Presentations and International evening

By July 16, 2014YOTA Finland 2014

We started the day with a lovely breakfast in the restaurant and after that we had a nice energizing game. It was about remembering the names of other people and that turned out to be harder then most thought, especially when you have more then 8 names to remember. After that nice game we continued where given name tags from other participants and find them in the crowd and receive a key-cord and nametag-holder. The group moved then to the gym and we got some presentations. The first was from Lisa PA2LS, Tommy ON3TD and Mattias SE0M about the YOTA-december activity, the award and changes in the YOTA website. Then Johan SM5F gave use a presentation about the contest WPX activities at SH3Y and SK3W in 2012 and 2013 in Sweden, where a young team of YOTA operators smashed the SM-records to pieces.

Next presentation was from Jani OH6BG about the webversion of the VOACAP software. In a presentation of about an hour we learned a lot about propagation, but most important how to use this tool for example planning a contest and award hunting. Then the station manager Vili OH5GE gave us the do and don’t of the OH2YOTA station and antenna set-up. After the morning program we went for the restaurant again for a nice warm meal and enjoy about 2 hours of free time before the start of the afternoon program.

The afternoon program was done by the teams of Romania and Finland and had some nice energizing games and tasks. After that we made 7 groups that talked and discussed about the values of the key components in the youth pass. After the discussion everybody gave the results of there discussion and for some it was a bit scary to for the first time in there live present yourself to a big group of people in the English language. After again good dinner, the teams started to build up the international evening where teams can show the best food and drinks from there country. Some had so much food, snacks and candy they could skip the morning breakfast!

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