YOTA Subregional Camp Hungary – Postponed to 2022

Press Release by
IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group

Wednesday, 21.04.2021

The IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group has to announce the following news.

The YOTA subregional camp in Hungary, which had already been postponed to 2021 last year, has to be postponed once again to 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This difficult decision was made together with MRASZ officials (Hungarian Amateur Radio Society) following the IARU-R1-wide COVID-19 event cancellation policy (see below).

The IARU Region 1 secretary has been informed about this decision on Wednesday, 21.04.2021.

We, the IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group, will keep you updated on any news regarding upcoming in-person events.


Stay safe around the world and hope to see you again in 2022.



Philipp, DK6SP                                                       Markus, DL8GM

Chair                                                                         Vice-Chair
IARU R1 Youth WG                                               IARU R1 Youth WG


IARU Region 1 COVID-19 event cancellation policy (01.03.2021):

The position on the COVID pandemic remains serious and unpredictable. Governments everywhere struggle with balancing the health of their economies with the health of their populations. The vaccine roll-out seems likely to take most of this year and even then, the impact of mutant strains of the virus and national quarantine requirements are difficult to predict.

IARU Region 1 has a number of in-person events planned for 2021 in the Youth, ARDF and HST areas, as well as the planned Workshop for Member Societies. It is not yet certain whether it will be possible to run these events as scheduled.

IARU Region 1 will adopt the following approach:

Youth events scheduled before end-June will not take place. These events make social distancing difficult and we do not believe it will be possible for them to take place.  Other 2021 events will remain in the calendar for the time being. We will review the forecast evolution of the pandemic sufficiently prior to each event and make an announcement about whether it will take place.  Generally this will be four months prior to the scheduled date. Those planning to attend should thus have sufficient time to make the necessary bookings and travel arrangements.

IARU Region 1’s intent is to ensure that any events which take place do so in an environment which respects national requirements for pandemic control and which does not place at risk the health and well-being of those participating.  


Download the press release here:


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