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Press Release by Youngsters On The Air
Monday, 08.06.2020

A huge thanks to everyone watching the first YOTA online session on Thursday, 28.05.2020.
The successful session gathered more than 600 unique viewers from all continents except Oceania and Antarctica, as far as we could track. Considering this we can say that the event was indeed taking place worldwide. The session was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. For the first time ever, we have been streaming on Twitch as well. Therefore, it was a great success with a total of 30 unique viewers on this new platform bearing in mind that this was our first time using it. We also had the opportunity to stream via the Es-Hail QO-100 geostationary satellite from a QTH in Belgium using ATV mode where we received good reports as well.

The event itself begun at 1800 UTC on all platforms. After a warm welcome and a short explanation of the significance of the event, we headed over to our main topic of the day, Youth Contest Program, also known as YCP. Claudia DC2CL and Tom F4HWS, as participants of the events at LX7I and DM9EE, had talked about the program itself and answered audience questions afterwards.  Later general follower questions regarding different YOTA related topics were answered by the members of the working group. After about an hour later at 1900 UTC the night was sealed with a YOTA merchandise prize draw which was attended by around 70 people. With this first YOTA online session came to a very successful end.

If you didn’t have the chance to join the live event or just want to see all of it again, you can re-watch the recording of the event on our Youtube channel.

The YOTA online event was created by a multinational team consisting of nine people from six countries: Monty OE3VVU from Austria, Pieter ON1GPS from Belgium, Martina OK2YLQ from Czech Republic, Otava OH3OT from Finland, Claudia DC2CL, Philipp DK6SP & Markus DL8GM from Germany and Lisa PA2LS from the Netherlands.

Dozens of hours of planning were used, and several team calls were held to make the free YOTA broadcast available to everybody all over the world.

For all of those who watched the event either live or afterwards, we kindly ask you for feedback.
Please fill in our Google form or text us directly on our social media channels.
By filling the form you can also suggest topics for our future YOTA online sessions.

Our second edition of YOTA online will take place on Thursday, 25.06.2020, at 1800 UTC. Therefore, save the date already. Our team is working on an interesting new main topic to be presented in the show. We will also answer YOTA community questions again. So, if you always wanted to ask a question regarding YOTA – this is your time! Let us know by contacting us on our social media channels or by email. In the end we prepared another prize draw for all participants. See you all next time!




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