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By July 20, 2015YOTA Italy 2015

As almost every day of the YOTA-week, the morning started with an energizer to help us wake up (especially after the Intercultural evening which, for some of us, lasted till the early hours). Todays energizer was organized by Team G.

After waking up we got our first lesson of “Good Morsing” by Jerzy SP3SLU. We got to know the “CQ Serenade” song. We learned how to “spell” CQ and YOTA in CW along with some other abbreviations. After the “Good Morsing” lesson, it was time for some ARDF. We got divided into two groups, one who would do ARDF today and one who would do it tomorrow. After the ARDF, Florian OE3FTA gave a small presentation about DXing, contesting and the DO’s and DON’Ts. The group that wasn’t participating in the ARDF did some beachgames or played the Kubb game. As last, just before lunch, we got a presentation about the Italian ARISS (Amateur Radio on the ISS) program by IK5EHI. A lot of youngsters were interested, some of them got a new waypoint in Amateur Radio!

Video: Monday – Good Morsing

After lunch, the “Golf Team” showed us how to build a HF wire antenna to be used at the camp.
Afterwards, Tommy ON2TD gave a presentation about Geocaching. You can see it as a worldwide ARDF game. Small “logbooks” are hidden in little boxes all over the world (over two million by now). You can go search them and log them yourself. Finding the caches can be done with the help of a GPS or just a normal smartphone.

Monday - Geocaching

Monday – Geocaching

We closed the evening with a dive in the sea. It was fresh, unlike the tempratures around here… After our swim, Silvio IZ5DIY and Alex IV3KKW suprised us with a box full of Chinese lanterns. We had an amazing evening, got to know many new friends and had a good laugh together when some of the lamps took a dive into the sea. There were even some competitions between teams to modify the lanterns to go as far as possible.

All pictures from today can be found here!

Monday - Chinese Lanterns

Monday – Chinese Lanterns

Best 73′
Yentel – ON3YH

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