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By July 23, 2015YOTA Italy 2015

Here comes Dante, back on the air! What we have on the menu is Thursday at Marina di Massa. A day like all others. Well at some point yes, and at some point different because we all felt that the day to say goodbye is closing in.

As usual, breakfast at 8:00. Not all people were present, some of our friends were still enjoying the hug of their bed, they stayed a bit longer the previous night. As they have said: “There is no time for sleeping at YOTA, take a nap when you get home”.

We got ourselves energized by OH team. Interesting game, but some were snoring a bit after the game (maybe our friend Ger from EI, not sure).  Later our traditional, and in opinion of many youngsters, the most favorite activity, “Good Morsing” led by our friend Jurek SP3SLU. On this Good Morsing, we had a little presentation of CW software by Goran YT7AW, our high-speed man. He showed us that old fashioned Morse code can be used in some interesting ways.


Andrès, EA1IFF, starting the presentation about SDR

Later on, we followed the same routine, presentations, beach, swimming pool, presentations, beach, swimming pool, and so on. We have learned what a Yagi antenna (one of the most frequent words in the radio business) is, we also learned a few things about the possibilities with an SDR- Software Defined Radio.

One of the highlights of the day was the off-air contest, by Kris ES7GM (P33W in the contests held at the camp). Very interesting and dynamic thing, just as exciting as the real deal. Huge pile-ups on our 20, 40, and 80 meter benches. Some handled it like professionals, while some others were feeling a bit uncomfortable, they were nostalgic for that beautiful noise of the radio receivers. (We were not so nostalgic about QRM, we had enough of it even off air thanks to our QRM-makers ON3YH and ON2TD).


ON2TD playing some SSTV signals through a speaker as ‘QRM’.

In the night, we had a lottery, where the main prize was the little beauty, a paddle for telegraphy called Begali Simplex, donated by Mr Piero Begali I2RTF, legend of key-making business. He also donated another key, Begali Signature, to be used as official key of the YOTA program. The lucky winner of Begali Simplex was Tauri ES5HTA, while the Signature key was given for one-year period to the camp mascot Duško, E77CW. (Both of the guys were happy. YOTA participants, guess which one was more thrilled).


Tauri ES5HTA and Dusko E77CW holding their Begali keyers

Quite a busy day indeed. In the night, we continued the party on the beach. Yeah! We enjoyed it very much. Some preferred they chairs while other were on their feet trying to make it fun to the others (burying in the sand for example).  Mr. Murphy had to put his fingers in, he had to spoil the fun. We had to say goodbye to our Estonian friends, since they had to leave tomorrow morning. It’s needless to say how sad we were. Thank you Eerik, Kris and Tauri for a lovely time.

That would be it about our Thursday. Thank you for reading this humble blog.

73 de Dante on the Air.

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