YOTA Contest Final Scores + Next Round 30th December 2021

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Press Release
by International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 – Youth Working Group

Erding, Germany – Thursday, 23.12.2021

The second YOTA Contest already took place in July and was a big success again. Almost 100 YOTA logs, where operators have to be ≤ 25 years old, and over 500 logs in total were received within the deadline. Our team has worked hard to get the final scores ready before the start of the third session. The final scores including public logs can now be viewed on the YOTA Contest website.

Congratulations to our winners of each category of this second round of YOTA Contest!

The upcoming third session will be taking place next week already. The date will be Thursday, 30th December from 1200 – 2359 UTC.
Thus, this date will be within the ongoing December YOTA Month (DYM) activity and we expect lots of YOTA stations on the air!

So, are you ready to compete within the next YOTA Contest? Everyone in the ham radio community can take part, it takes place three times per year and only lasts 12 hours. Its aim is to increase the youngsters activity on the air, strengthening the reputation of the YOTA program and demonstrate the support for youngsters across the world.

We have implemented 8 different categories which also include special ones for youngsters (≤ 25 years old) only. Covering the 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands the competition will take place in CW and SSB modes.
The contest exchange used will be the age of the participating operators. Different ages also serve as multipliers during the contest.
Contacts between the own continent are worth 1 point, working DX is worth 3 points but the most points will be achieved by working youngsters. The younger the operator the more points one will get for the QSO.

During the past year we have received several rule translations into various languages. A big thank you to the contributors! So, if you are not that fluent in English, check them out here.

If you have any further questions after reading through the rules, please go to our FAQ page to see if your question has been answered already. If you still have a question, feel free to drop the YOTA Contest Committee an email at contest@ham-yota.com and we are happy to reply.

On behalf of the YOTA Contest Committee,

73 Philipp, DK6SP

Youth Working Group
International Amateur Radio Union
Region 1

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