YOTA booth @HamRadio 2019 in Friedrichshafen

By June 6, 2019Publication

Are you ready for a different fair?

For the first time ever the IARU 1 youth committee will have its own YOTA booth in Friedrichshafen!
Yes, you got it right! It will be an adventure full of fun and meetings, sharing of experiences and activities and much more among the youngsters.

Look for us at Halle A1, booth A1-594 (directly next to the big DARC booth).


Furthermore, we recommend not to miss our events during the fair:

On Friday June 21st from 15:00 to 16:00 the South-African YOTA team will hand-over the YOTA flag as well as the official YOTA morse key to the Bulgarian team as start of the upcoming YOTA 2019 summer camp. It will be held near Sofia this August. This event takes place at the main stage.

On Saturday 22 June – Youth Meeting from 10:00 to 12:00 in room Liechtenstein.
The program for the youth meeting is:
– Introduction and the upcoming YOTA program in 2019 (by Lisa, PA2LS)
– YOTA in Japan (by Riku, JR2KHB)
– Subregional Camp Finland 2019, NOTA (by Kati, OH2FKX and team OH)
– Subregional Camp Germany 2019 (by Philipp, DK6SP)
– Subregional Camp Italy 2018 (by Silvio IZ5DIY)

You will also have the possibility to join our daily lottery at our booth and win our awesome YOTA merchandise hoodies at 3:30pm every day. Please stay tuned for more info to follow soon.

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