YOTA 2014 – Start of the youth exchange!

By July 15, 2014YOTA Finland 2014

Start of the youth exchange!

The arrival of the teams starts after 13:00 hours, when one participant from PA and the SM team arrive. At the same time team Finland is working very hard to build up the OH2YOTA station, get all there stuff out of the cars and make lot’s of phone calls to arrange many things and make sure everybody get’s on the bus from Helsinki airport.

In the late afternoon the bus with 90% of the teams left Helsinki airport for there trip to Virrat.

In two groups the teams enjoyed a lovely pizza dinner at the restaurant.

When the first team had just finished there meal, the bus with most countries arrives. At that time the weather changed and it starts to rain quite heavy, just when everybody wants to get off the bus. Mari and Kati do there best, to give everybody there keys as quick as possible, so everybody could check in there room. But due to the rain the list of rooms and participants got wet and it took longer and longer, but finally everybody had there rooms!

At around 21 hours we had a nice first meeting with all the teams and we got some explanation of the OH-team about some rules and the program for the evening. After that we made a short tour around the site and enjoyed a evening of meeting old friends and making LOT’s of new international friends, most went to bed when the new day started.

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