Train the Trainer report – Team Spain – October 2018

By November 1, 2018Train the trainer

Since yota we do a conference about what we do at the yota and what we learned to try to get more youngsters.

Our plan for the next 2 months is parcitipate at the yota month in public areas,  with friends,  etc.
And we are planing what to do for the nexts 6 to 12 months.
But are some ideas over the table,  meetings with university students, sota activities…
For try how to get new youngsters,  we are talking about it.  How ist the best way to do it here in spain.
For now at the yota month we will try to do it in public areas,  at universities,  with friends,  share in the social medias…
We make a group with the Spanish youngsters i cand find…  Now we can talk about the plans,  and we are talking about it.

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