Train the Trainer report – Sweden – October 2018

By December 21, 2018Train the trainer

What have we achieved?

Regular youth group board meetings

We now have a larger youth group which all takes part of monthly meetings to discuss activities and strategys of our continous work. We find it important to have the meetings regularly once a month to stay updated on our ongoing projects.

Planned December YOTA month activities

We have planned three activities during three weekends in December for youngsters to get to know each other. The main focus will be activating the SH9YOTA signal. Because our country is tall, we decided on three different locations to cover the most area. In the middle of Sweden (Stockholm), the north (Umeå) and in the south (Jönköping) to make accessible for as many youngsters as possibly to attend.

What are we working with right now?

Together with our neighbouring countries we are planning coming NOTA 2019 Finland for the nordic youngsters.

For the youth group to develop further and plan an entire budget for the coming year, which will allow much faster decisionmaking during planning and organizing of events for youngsters.

Invitations for 3 December YOTA month events has been sent out and we are brainstorming for fun activities besides working QSO’s.

What are our goals?

Keep regular activities each year as follows:


To give the Swedish youth an opportunity to get friends and further get into the hobby.


For youngsters to develop more fun ideas to bring back home to our activities.

Fall weekend event

A smaller follow up event to meet our NOTA friends in Sweden from the previous NOTA and for the youngsters who did not manage to participate in NOTA.

3 December YOTA events

Lighter, more casual events at three club stations for the youngsters to get active with the exciting DYM-Signal during three entire weekends (fri-sun).

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