Train the Trainer report – Sweden – May 2019

By May 20, 2019Train the trainer

Swedish team report ”After YOTA 2018”

What have we done since last report?

NOTA 2019

NOTA, Nordics On The Air, a local IARU R1:s youth camp. In 2018, the first NOTA camp where held in on Hemsön, a small Island in Sweden, something that now have continued on into a larger cooperation between even more countries.

This year the Finnish team was the main organiser of this event, and boy what a fantastic work hey had done! For us in the Swedish team, this camp stared with roadtrips to the ferry over from Stockholm to Turku, with a second roadtripp to the campsite. We did arrive a bit earlier then the others, so we helped our fellow Nordics with the station and antennas.

When all the other participants had arrived to the camp, we had some teambuilding activities and finished the day with an intercultural evening, just like in any regular YOTA-camp. A lot of people to get to know and many different things to try from many different counties.

During the next two days we had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations, try ARDF, activate a OHFF-station, build fruit-keyers, of-air-contest and most importantly: SAUNA!

In conclusion, the camp was very giving and made it possible to create a lot of new contacts and friends all around Europe.

After the camp we have now slowly started working with the Nordic courtiers for nest years NOTA, and only time will tell how that will work out, but I think it looks good!

Meetings and planning

We have had a lot of meetings with our youth-section in SSA where we both have discussed what we have done and what we want with the rest of the year.

What are we working with right now?

Weekend camp

We are planning a national camp for youngsters combined with older hams to booth exchange knowledge and to keep in contact with our friends all around our long country.

Planning for YOTA

Preparations for the Swedish participation for this yeas YOTA have started, and we are right know looking in to who are going to be participating

That is the status with the Swedish team right now. A fun start of the year, and a lot of fun left to do.

73 de Team Sweden

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