Train the Trainer report – Romania – October 2019

By October 14, 2019Train the trainer

When the YO team returned from this year’s YOTA camp, the girls were very excited and eager to learn more and to help spread the word about this hobby. The HST world championships were approaching though and the first month was a bit of a slow burn because even though some people from the society (the ones who made it possible for the team to take part in YOTA this year) were interested in doing more and helping the youngsters do more, championships at the moment still take priority since they require quite a bit of funding.

Still, right after the camp, the YO team wrote a report on their experience there which was posted on the society’s Facebook page and it was also published in the society’s magazine. The article covered all that was done during the week, how the girls felt about learning more and it had a positive tone and pictures – both taken by the participants and that were posted on the YOTA page. All of the girls also posted about the camp on their social media, pictures and impressions, since the YO YOTA does not have social media, yet.

The HST competitors that were part of the camp did operate the station that was available during the world championships from Albena, mid-September. The other youngsters on the HST team were interested in the stories they heard about YOTA and some have started going to their local club stations. Our YOTA participants are also more acquainted with this hobby now than they were before.

At the moment, this is what is in store from the YO youngsters:

  • Mihaela Macsim (YO8TLK) is writing an article about ham radio that will be published in the magazine of her university, the school year has just begun a couple weeks ago. Other youngsters have already written for their school magazines.
  • A youth committee is in the talks, there are more youngsters that are interested, however the committee has to be elected and that will take place around the end of the year. Still, the youngsters are going to operate and find other means to spread the word.
  • During national training camps for HST there will now be stations (or more, if there were any before) available for the youngsters to work while taking a break from practice. HST competitors must be licensed, so that part is already taken care of for them to work the radio.
  • We want to maybe start holding presentations in high schools, this however will take a bit of time to prepare.
  • There will be an awarding ceremony at the end of the year for winning contesters in all fields (HST, ARDF, etc.) where people from various television channels will be present and the youngsters will be interviewed/will interview various people and thus discuss YOTA and future YOTA activities.
  • Presently, the society does have social media and youth activity is being posted there.
  • Recently, holding a subregional camp was discussed between members of the society and some youngsters, however nothing has been specifically decided yet. Still, there is a possibility that that will take place at the end of the next year and is definitely something the youth wants to take part in.

Even though it is slow, things are changing in Romania too and hopefully the youngsters won’t lose energy nor momentum.

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