Train the Trainer report – Germany – January 2020

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TTT Report Germany – January 2020

Main focus since the last report was the December YOTA month DYM.

During december a lot of youngsters participated. Our callsign DH0YOTA was used by youngsters operating on their own as well as youth groups operating all together!

The organisation for the time slots was the same as last year. To coordinate the time slots for the callsign, we used a calendar, where everyone can see which time slots (for the whole december) are still available and which are already taken. All interested youngster can easily book an available time slot by sending an online reservation inquiry which is then approved by the callsign coordinator. For spontaneous arrangement of non-booked timeslots we created a Telegram group with all youngsters who registered for a timeslot. For all taken slots you can see in the calender by whom this time slot is taken. This entails that youngsters can arrange shifting if it is necessary. Especially for those who just have limited or rarely access to a station this can be pretty helpful.

Specially youngsters often don‘t have a good opportunity for operating since they might not have their own station. We therefore created a new option for youngsters to help them finding a station. We set up a map on the DARC website and invited clubstations as well as private owners to open their station for youngsters. These stations were then visible on the map such that youngsters can check out if there is a station close to them. Further arrangement (e.g. date and time) was then managed by the youngster and station owner privately.

Besides the DYM we are happy to have opportunies for german youngsters to take part in youth camps. At Winter YOTA Camp in PA we had a german team of six youngsters participating. Probably we will have german youngsters participating on other subreginal camps, depending on the available places for non-regional youth. Nevertheless, we have youngsters currently planning a small sub-national camp. We hope that with more youngsters participating in camps, we will also be able to get more youngsters motivated to plan and organise their own small camp.

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73 de YOTA team DL


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