Train the Trainer report – Czech Republic – October 2019

By October 12, 2019Train the trainer

Maker Faire Prague June 13th-14th Prague

Czech Radio Club took place in the biggest maker fair in the Czech Republic. Because of the large number of parents with children we decided to prepare games for youngsters together with the National Technic Museum. They had the opportunity to try out morse code or their task was to light up as many lightbulbs as possible using different circuits and other fun activities. At the fair we met two boys who are interested in and excited about HAM radio, we are still in contact with them. One of them has already done the license, the other wants to take the exam soon. 

Electro camp 1st-12th August 2019

As we already mentioned in past reports, Electro camps have been  held every year since 2012. This year 48 youngsters 13 years and older participated. They soldered electronic kits, learned theory and also took part in a HAM radio contest. As always, it took place in Olbramkostel. Although we increased the capacity with a second camp date – Electro camp Junior which is for youngsters from 10 to 13 years old, the number of applicants was so great that we still had to refuse some of them. It’s a voluntary project organised for children to get them interested in and make them fall in love with (electro)technology and to show them the wonderful radio amateur world. Most participants are unlicensed, and have their first experience with amateur radio at the camp.

Summer Radio-electro camp Akademik 13th-17th July 2019

This camp is for youngsters 15 years of age and older, who are interested in electronics and radio technology. They learned the basics, met new friends and much more. We tried QSO by satellite and talked with people from all over the world, we built a light based walkie-talkie and learned the morse code. They had a lot of fun and made many memories. For some participants it was the first experience with amateur radio.

YOTA Subregional OL19CAMP – Weekend of Experiences with Czech Radio Club 27th – 29th September 2019

The whole event was made possible by the youth commission: OK1VHB (IARU R1 Youth coordinator) and Líba OK1LYL (secretary). The decision to organise the YOTA subregional camp was made 3 months before the start of the event, which meant we had to work extremely hard and fast to get it ready in time. Because everyone lives somewhere else, we had to discuss everything by group chats and calls. First of all, we split the tasks among us. The most important things were finding a place where we could accommodate approximately 30 participants, come up with a program and find sponsors. We also contacted experts from different fields to make presentations for youngsters about HAM radio. After that the real work began, Honza OK1JD came up with different games for children and also prepared a presentation about the physics side of amateur radio, antennas, radios and QSO basics. Martin OK1VHB made an introduction presentation about HAM radio and the HAM spirit, showed them ARDF. Jindra OK1NOR did a J-Pole workshop in which each participant built their own antenna. Vlada OK2ZKR taught the kids basics about electronics in a form of a game and Leo OK2UUJ taught them how to make contacts via satellite. Liba OK1LYL and I decided to deal with the paperwork and I also had a presentation about all the events and activities which YOTA organises.

You can find more information about the event here.

We plan to do a weekend meeting during the December YOTA Month using the callsign  OL19YOTA, on the weekend of 6th-8th December 2019. It will be a chance for youngsters to get together and get on the air. We will also organise other fun activities, more details about that in the next report.

We have a lot of plans for the future so stay tuned! We will talk about them in the next report once we have finalised them!

Martina OK2YLQ

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