Train the Trainer report – Czech Republic – May 2019

By June 29, 2019Publication

Czech Republic Championship of Children and Youth in Radio Engineering

Recently in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Radio Club organised Championship in Radio Engineering. During the weekend, from 10.5 to 12.5.2019, had to 28 participants from all Czech Republic show their skills in Radio-Amateur Sport. Participants were separated into three categories: younger pupils (under 12 years old), older pupils (13-16 years old) and youth (17-19 years old). They competed in three disciplines: pass an expert test, make a competition product in time and introduce their own product.

After completing the last part of the competition, the participants went on a trip to Pustevny. That was the time to evaluate.

The prize was awarded to 9 participants from all categories

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Jan contesting from his student dormitory

Honza OK1JD took part in 1st subregional VHF contest and few local FM 145/432 MHz contests. He took his handheld and J-pole made on YOTA Austria, sat into the window of the highest floor of the college dormitories and whistled CW by his mouth into the microphone in his FT-60 (modulated CW is granted with more points in those contests). It was very funny to call the CQ-ing station and ask her (verbally), if she knows CW and if we could make QSO this „whistled way“. Surprisingly 2/3 of stations were so enthusiastic as him, so quite a lot of contacts was made.

Unfortunately, instead of what was mentioned above, there was a group of very unhappy people. Those were the inhabitants of highest accomodations near the window, where he sat during the FM contests. Surprisingly nobody from them was interested in this loud activity, which disturbed students from studying. Yes, no doubt with that, they had a good point. Bud highest window in the highest floor, is a highest window in a highest floor, HI. Where else should the VHF operator deny his attention, HI!!!

Our Future plans?

Maker Faire 22.6 -23.6.

During these days there will be fair for hobby doers in field of RC models, electronic enthusiasts, hobby scientists etc. The Czech Radio Club will have the stand there. We will be showing SSTV via satellite repeater, man will take a picture of himself and we will send it to the repeater using one radio. They will be able to see how the picture is being received on another radio on the other side of our stand.

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