Train the Trainer report – Czech Republic – April 2021

By May 6, 2021Publication

In this edition of Train the Trainer, our aim was to get ideas for all the societies to use. Therefore the main questions were made in the way that the societies answering them would give as many ideas as possible, so other societies could benefit from them and make their own activities! Answering in this particular report are by representative(s) of team Czech Republic

Main Questions:

What kind of activities you have found the most successful during Covid? If you have not held any activities, what kind of activities would you like to have?

We didn’t held any activities (or at least I don’t know about them). I think that the very first activity would be a weekend together, to invite new young radio amateurs. Of course, when the situation calms down, we would like to organize other KOTA activities.

 What tips would you like to give to other societies when arranging activities during Covid? Describe as good as you can so others can benefit the most from your answer!

I think the most important thing is to do something! Have a Skype meeting, if possible meet in person. The most important thing is to support young people and spend time together.

How have you been able to get youngsters to communicate during Covid? (Telegram groups, Skype calls, etc.)

We have a Facebook group, so whatever important stuff is going on, we post there. The truth is that there are not many of us (youngsters), so in most cases we keep in touch mainly in pairs and write to each other privately.

Other Questions:

What are your plans for the spring?

So far, none

What kind of problems are you facing with youth work in your member society? Do you need any help with it?

I would say that the main problem is to keep young people aged 15-25 involved in the hobby. If we’re active, it’s mainly because we are part of the CRC Youth Committee. And at the moment we are mainly focusing on the kids and we are organising Kids On The Air activities together, which have proved to be very beneficial so far. We believe that if we attract this age group, it will not be a problem to organise YOTA activities later on.

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