Train the Trainer report – Belgium – December 2018

By December 17, 2018Train the trainer

Since submitting our last report on November 2nd, there was not a lot of progress in youth ham radio in Belgium.

Much like our colleagues from all over the world, we are participating in the YOTA activation month of December, with callsign ON4YOTA. Operators aged 14 to 24 have made contacts in SSB, CW and digimodes. The logs are still being collected to be sent in to keep track on the YOTA website. Our goal is to make contacts on every HF band by the end of the month, being mostly active during the weekends.

Makerlab “De Shack” – discussed in our last report – has had several successful openings in the weekends. We also participated in the national science celebration day with a special opening and are happy to announce we’re now officially recognized as a STEM-academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

We also continue to look for younger amateur radio operators to participate in the YOTA activities and hope to find enthusiastic participants for next year’s summer event. We’re brainstorming on how to organize an information session/activity of some kind in the spring to gather interested youth.

The FOSDEM event we talked about is taking place next month. More info to follow in our next report!

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