Train the Trainer report – Albania – October 2019

By October 14, 2019Train the trainer

Albanian radio ham youngsters.

Our team participated for the first time in a YOTA activity and was an honour for me to be the leader of the albanian team. This experience motivated us to keep going and better ourselves. As difficult as it is to be a radio amateur in Albania we are committed to push forward and to bring more people in. With the help of all the presentations and the tips that were given we now are trying to implement those to our reality. Also thanks to YOTA we know have friends from different countries and are so happy to share experience and learn from each other .

Our group consists of 10 licensed youngsters, from which just 5 of us are active. We try to find a day in which we can come together to operate on the radio. Now it has become more hard as we go to different universities.

After YOTA I have come with some ideas and I have communicated them to the rest of the  team. To make those ideas come true we need funding and that’s what we have tried to do .

We went on the open sports day and presented our sport to the locals. Which were curious enough to listen to us and showed interest in it.

We have found it difficult to make those ideas reality because of the wrong idea people have for our sport and the lack of funding from the government.

For now we are just focusing on creating new time tables with the days and the hours of the week in which we can operate from the radio station( for lack of our own radios) and also on the new classes for beginners who were intrested from the open sport day.

We look forward for any tips.


Ledina Kamami, ZA1LK

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