Train the Trainer report – Italy – April 2021

In this edition of Train the Trainer, our aim was to get ideas for all the societies to use. Therefore the main questions were made in the way that the societies answering them would give as many ideas as possible, so other societies could benefit from them and make their own activities! Answering in this particular report are by representative(s) of team Italy

Main Questions:

What kind of activities you have found the most succesfull during Covid? If you have not held any activities, what kind of activities would you like to have?

We are keeping going on the online classes, we had an online meeting to spread the YOTA group during a webtv show

How have you been able to get youngsters to communicate during Covid? (Telegram groups, Skype calls, etc.)

mostly on telegram group and some online meeting

Other Questions:

What are your plans for the spring?

mostly on telegram group and some online meeting

What kind of problems are you facing with youth work in your member society? Do you need any help with it?

ARI gave us some problems about the DYM callsign, our current regulation does not allow to ask for a special callsign and use it by more people, only the guy which requested it can use it and be responsable for that. ARI is not helping us at all to try talking to the national regulations manager

If you need to contact the people answering this report, or have anything to ask about Train the Trainer, please contact

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