Train the Trainer report – Germany – July 2021

The July Train the Trainer reports focus on sharing ideas for activities, as well as organizing activities after covid.  Answers in this particular report are by the Youth Coordinator of Team Germany.


How do you think COVID will change the way you organize youth activities after it is gone?

Easier preparations of events through established video conferencing tools everybody can deal with nowadays.


Are you willing to organize in-person activities again, when COVID is gone? What kind of activities?

Yes, we are willing to hold in-person activities again. These would include e.g. Ham Camp at Ham Radio Friedrichshafen and smaller activities within our local districts or clubs etc.

During COVID, have you come up with any new creative ways to advertise our common hobby or organize activities?

Yes, the DARC held a nation-wide open license course via their self-developed video conference platform ( with huge success and acceptance. A lot of DARC volunteers have been involved into the whole project.


What are your plans regarding youth work in your country for the summer?

Youth activities within the local city summer holiday program. This program was established to give youngsters the chance to try out new things amongst different clubs in town.


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