Train the Trainer report – Estonia – July 2021

The July Train the Trainer reports focus on sharing ideas for activities, as well as organizing activities after covid.  Answers in this particular report are by the Youth Coordinator of Team Estonia.

How do you think COVID will change the way you organize youth activities after it is gone?

Well it has already had an affect. As of 2021 we had first online lessons and possibility to take an exam online. That first tryout gave us 22 new callsigns of whom about 33% were youngsters. Strange or not they actually had to put some effort themselves to find us, as we did not have any public posts about taking an online exam. It shows that those who find us, are actually interested.

Are you willing to organize in-person activities again, when COVID is gone? What kind of activities?

We will keep doing what we always do, if the possibility comes. It has been a bit tricky to organize everything. But recent months has shown some promising covid numbers, which also allowed us to have our annual ES-Hamfest. During the hamfest we were able to gather all the youngsters across the country. That gave everyone the opportunity to compete to each other, spend some time together and of course learn from the elders.

During COVID, have you come up with any new creative ways to advertise our common hobby or organize activities?

Nothing fancy, just possibility to take online lessons and online exams.

What are your plans regarding youth work in your country for the summer?

We don’t have anything exact planned. But we’re hoping to have our youth only contest weekend at the end of August.



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