December YOTA Month – Bulletin 2018

By November 15, 2018Publication, YOTA Month 2018

December is getting closer and closer … and what does this mean for us?
It‘s time for some great activity on the bands in the upcoming DYM 2018!

But it’s not a good event without some rules, attached to this post you can find the official bulletin of 2018.

All participating stations will receive the PDF via the registered mail address as well.

This bulletin contains information like …

  • Overall rules for the event
  • Log system for approved callsigns
  • Station profiles on the DYM website
  • How to handle pages
  • QSL policy
  • Hamyota on social media
  • FAQs
  • Funding
  • Newly implemented award system
  • General contact information

But the most important thing during the event … have fun and bring the youngsters on the radio!

Because we know that there is YOUTH in hamradio!


You can find the PDF here …


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