Dayton Hamvention 2019 – Friday Day 2

Day 2 at Dayton Hamvention 2019 started early for us. We arrived around 1h before the official opening at 8 am.

The YOTA booth within the Hamradio 2.0 area in Volta Hall is crowded all the time. Many people are coming by to visit and have a chat with us. More and more people are recognizing our faces and activities from recent social media postings and magazine articles. So did even the mayor of Xenia, Sarah J. Mays. We were taking part at the official opening ceremony in between the halls of the fair ground. After the official procedure the press officer of the mayor bureau came over to us. He had asked us if they could take a picture with us. We have been really honoured and chatted a bit about the future of amateur radio and the YOTA program with them. They were really impressed and wished us good luck for the future. Find this awesome picture below in the gallery.

As you can see our YOTA flag is with us wherever we go. Many hams and future operators come by and stop us for pictures. Please do not hesitate to do so, we are glad to talk to everybody of you and taking pictures. Of course, the traditional clothes are also doing there job for getting some attention here in Dayton, Ohio.

One of our main tasks for today was to visit a lot of our prime long time supporters like YASME Foundation or Messi & Paoloni Cables at the fair. We had great chats about the future of the YOTA program there as well. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Another big point on our list has been the presence at the International Amateur Radio Union booth together with the IARU worldwide president Tim (VE6SH) and Dave (K1ZZ). We spoke about future projects, upcoming YCP events and the December Youth Month and its progress over the years.

One of our YOTA team members here in Dayton, Markus (DL8GM), who is also member of our YOTA IT department also has a second booth to be here. He is doing the Linux version of the newly introduced Charly25 project. We met up with him and he gave us a short introduction to their new SDR radio. We were emphasized and a lot of youngsters joined the conversation just by seeing our faces there. So we can say that here are all over youngsters involved in great projects.

After a great evening at Crowne Plaza Hotel in the city of Dayton and many interesting conversations with the worlds top known contesters and DXers we ended the day very successfully. We will be back tomorrow at the fair with talks about our Youth Contesting Program at 12:00 at the Hamradio 2.0 forum. Furthermore we were invited to join the international contest dinner again in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the evening.

In conclusion it has been an awesome first fair day and we are really looking forward for tomorrow!

See you all there!

In behalf of the Dayton YOTA Staff
73 de Philipp, DK6SP


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  • Mike, KW4XC says:

    Hello YOTA,
    it is good to see that the future of Amateur Radio Service is very bright
    and nice looking! I hope we will have a similar YOTA program in U.S. soon.
    Pse keep up the good work!

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