Dayton Hamvention 2019 – Thursday Day 1

Flying from Munich (Germany) via Atlanta (Georgia, USA) we arrived in Dayton late on wednesday evening. After checking into our apartment we headed to the fair ground on the next morning. The booth is almost set up and we are more or less ready to go. On the evening we joined the annual international affairs welcome dinner in Dayton and met some new faces from all over the world already.
While still suffering from changing timezones and finding the right time to sleep we are working on plans for the upcoming days. Lots of talks and events on our list, not to forget the evening program!
Please feel free to visit us at in the Volta hall (Building 4) at booth 4304 directly next to the Hamradio 2.0 area.
Talk to us where ever you can catch us!

Looking forward to another great weekend ahead including meeting a lot of new faces and great talks.


73 from the YOTA Team
Philipp (DK6SP), Markus (DL8GM), Flo (OE3FTA) & Larissa (SWL)


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