CQWW introduces new Youth Overlays

By October 21, 2021Publication

CQWW committee stated earlier that:

1) We have created a new YOUTH overlay that will be available to all competitors who are 25 years old or under, effective on the dates of the contest. The Cabrillo overlay format will be CATEGORY-OVERLAY: YOUTH. In support of this change, Youth overlay entries will be highlighted in the results (as is currently done for Classic and Rookies). In addition, plaques will be available for the winners.

Read more about the current rule changes here.
These changes will apply in SSB and CW parts of CQWW from 2021!

We are also proud to announce that several IARU Youth Working Groups, YOTA Teams and individuals worldwide will sponsor the accompanying plaques for this new YOUTH overlay.
Check out all available plaques for the 2021 events here.

Thanks to all involved into the process to making this happen!

One of the few things left is to plan your CQWW effort now and win the new YOUTH plaques!

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