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By August 10, 2013YOTA Estonia 2013

Throughout the course of YOTA each team was asked to do a presentation on “A Day in the life of our country”. These presentations took place each evening.  As 15 teams took part in the event, it was extremely interesting to see different cultures come alive on the screen.

Each team presented their country in a different light, some countries promoted their landmarks, with some very interesting places to be seen, the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, Draculas Castle in Romania, the gorgeous wine valleys of Slovenia and the beautiful coasts of Croatia.  The Belgian and Russian team brought humour with Finland giving us a typical sauna day in the life of a Finnish family.  The Swedes had a great presentation on their contest station where some of the other YOTA participants came to Sweden to take part, and the Dutch gave us a day in their hectic lives.  The Latvian team gave us part of their culture, the Bulgarian girls showed us some of their nightlife, the Irish gave us a real life “leprechaun” and lovely tin whistle playing, with Poland playing the guitar and having us sing along to a national song of theirs.  Host country, Estonia, held off until the final night where they had great fun in playfully mocking the other teams.

All teams produced a great presentation and is was brilliant to see a little insight into other peoples surroundings and lives.  A great cultural experience.

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