Changes within IARU Region 1 Youth WG – VGC 2020

By October 16, 2020Publication

Press Release by IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group
Friday, 16.10.2020

Changes within IARU Region 1 Youth WG
after Virtual General Conference 2020

Due to current COVID-19 regulations the original plan to hold the 25th IARU Region 1 General Conference as an in-person event in Novi Sad, Serbia, had to be cancelled. The organizing committee of the national society SRS, together with IARU R1, set up a Virtual General Conference (VGC) instead. Within this conference the Youth Working Group had the opportunity to present their achievements over the past three years on a separate session on Sunday 11 October. Over 30 Member Societies and 85 participants of all three IARU regions took part. Next to presenting the Youth WG activities there was an interactive session which included five questions. The outcome will be used with shaping the program for the next years.
During two more C3 meetings this week the Youth WG also had the chance to state recommendations which have been voted on today.

The Youth WG proposed the following three recommendations to the IARU Region 1 plenary:

  • Member Societies invite young non-members to their national and local youth amateur radio events in order to attract newcomers to amateur radio and possible new members for the Member Society.
  • Member Societies that do not yet have a Youth Coordinator are urged to appoint a Youth Coordinator before the end of Q1 2021.
  • Appoint Philipp Springer (DK6SP) as Youth WG Chair for the next three-year period.

All three recommendations have been approved and voted in favor of the Youth Working Group by the attending Member Societies.

Lisa Leenders (PA2LS) decided to step down as Youth WG Chair and hand the job over to the next generation. She received appreciation for her outstanding job over the past 9 years from all three IARU regions in the final plenary today.

Therefore, there was the opportunity for the younger generation to take over the vacancies. Philipp Springer (DK6SP) has been elected by the attending Member Societies to follow within Lisa’s footsteps as Youth WG Chair. Furthermore, Markus Großer (DL8GM) has been appointed as the Youth WG Vice Chair during the VGC.

Lisa expresses that she thanks the Youth WG, Youth Coordinators & Member Societies and IARU for all the work which has been achieved over the past 9 years. Only in 2011 the current Youth Program of IARU R1 has been started. She mentions that we can be proud on what has been achieved. One key comment she urges to Member Societies: “Keep it simple and start organizing amateur radio activities for young persons. Be open and listen to the young persons and do not be afraid to let them organize things. Please give them the support they need.”

The Youth Working Group will be in the right hands with Philipp DK6SP as successor as Chair and Markus DL8GM as Vice-Chair.  This is supported by the entire Working Group. Congratulations to both Philipp DK6SP and Markus DL8GM, they have a great energetic team to work with in the upcoming 3 years, Lisa adds.

Both, Philipp and Markus, stated that they will be continuing the already well-known projects within the Working Group. Moreover, they will focus on even expanding the YOTA program itself, working together with the Member Societies of Region 1 to strengthen the youth activities and help the growth of similar projects in the other two regions.


Picture: Newly elected Youth WG Chair Philipp Springer (DK6SP) left and Vice Chair Markus Großer (DL8GM) right.




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