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By July 22, 2015YOTA Italy 2015
Wednesday - Group picture

Wednesday – Group picture

This day started earlier because we were going on a trip to visit Florence and Pisa. The weather report predicted incredible 38°C there, so everyone followed Silvio‘s suggestion to bring lots and lots of water. After a short breakfast we got on a nice, air-conditioned bus which carried us across the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. When we arrived in Florence, we were blown away by the heat although it was only morning. Luckily the tram we took to the city center was comfortable and cool as well.

Wednesday - Tram

Wednesday – Tram

We were divided in two groups so that it would be easier to keep together when exploring the city with our two tour guides. They showed the famous old buildings of the city, which existed for 500 years and even longer.

It was interesting to hear the history of how the city became so rich and why the Reinessance started from here.

We visited the famous Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral and were really impressed by the size, the beautiful exterior and the huge dome and bell tower. The inside was suprisingly modest, but still somehow beautiful. And certainly huge!

Wednesday - Cathedral

Wednesday – Cathedral

Afterwards we stopped at Michelangelos famous David-Statue – or at least the replica in front of Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence.

Keeping the groups together and always checking if no one got lost required a lot of „screaming“, Alex was alreay a bit short of voice and Silvio was happy if the Japanese tour guide borrowed him her microphone and portable loudspeaker. At half past one, after we were fairly tired from two hours walking through the hot city, we had freetime for lunch.

After lunch we got on the bus to Pisa, the second part of today‘s trip. We walked to the famous leaning tower of Pisa to take a nice photo with the big group – or better: to take probably a thousand photos waving our national flags in front of the famous sight. Some tourists might have wonderd why a huge group with many different national flags were shouting „dah-di-dah-dit dah-dah-di-dah …“ For sure we know … It was so loud that even a policeman came to see if everything was right.

Wednesday - Leaning Tower

Wednesday – Leaning Tower

In the bus back to the hotel we got another nice view of the mountains. The trip made us hungry and tired, so we were looking forward to dinner and watching the sunset while relaxing on the beach!

All pictures from today can be found here!

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