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By November 1, 2015Publication

At YOTA camp 2015 in Italy, besides youngsters socializing with one another and exchanging ideas as well as experience, there was one more and definitely notable event that took place. After having prepared for and signed up for the American license exam, youngsters were allowed to take it in the camp and have their own US callsings issued. After some waiting that most of the participants were impatiently waiting to be over so that they can enjoy their brand new callsigns, the latter have finally been published and are presented hereby:

308 AC2RI Varro, Tamas Bence
309 AL5O Gardin, Petter
310 KD2JOJ Hutchinson Mr, Adam
311 KL4EE Giardin, Magnus
312 KD2JOI Evans, Richard J
313 KD2JOH McGraw, Daniel
314 KD2JOG Koole, Dennis
315 KD2JOF Veselinovic, Dusko
316 KD2JOD Leenders, Lisa
317 KD2JOC Hollebeke, Yentel
318 KD2JOB Perez Perez, Andres
319 KD2JOA Degrande, Tommy
320 KD2JNZ Maes, Pieter
321 KD2JNY DeVries, Pieter Cornelis
322 KD2JNX Glonti, Nikoloz
323 KD2JNW Schebesta Jr, Monty
KD2JTM McNamara, Ger

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