Train the Trainer report – USA – October 2018

By December 29, 2018Train the trainer

When we (AE4FH and WX4TV) arrived back in Florida from YOTA 2018, we immediately started Train the Trainer.  As soon as we got out of the airport, we drove for 12 hours to the Huntsville Alabama Hamfest to tell about our experiences at YOTA and encourage youth to get involved.  About a week later, Faith Hannah (AE4FH), spoke about YOTA at several club meetings that youth attend and tried to get the youth in those clubs active.  The most success we have achieved is with our YouTube channel, Ham Radio (dot) World, where we encourage more people to get into the hobby, many of them youth.  Since YOTA 2018, we have been able to inspire about ten people to get their license or upgrade.

In the next few months, we plan to participate in the December YOTA month with the callsign WK1DS/YOTA.  During December, this callsign will be active with hams and potential hams of all ages.  We are considering having a “YOTA day” where it would be like a YOTA summer camp, but just for one day.  In the next few years, we hope to have YOTA started in the United States and YOTA events in IARU region 2.

With these ideas, we expect to get several youth get into the hobby and youth that are already in the hobby more active.


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