Train the Trainer report – The Netherlands – July 2019

By July 28, 2019Publication

While it takes too long for some youngsters that JOTA/JOTI take place in the 3th full week of October, scouts has initiate a summer camp round.

This year the event takes place at 10, 17, 24 and 31 July and 7, 14, 21, 28 August.

The Dutch round will be at 19:30 (local time), via the PI3UTR repeater.

Frequency is 145.575 MHz, CTCSS-tone 77Hz.

The European round will be at 20:30 (local time) and take place at 80 meter-band

Frequency is 3690 kHz ±QRM.


Last edition (15 June) of kids-day, we noticed that the radio bands were not very crowded with kids. I am very curious how this has been done in other countries and what has been promoted here.


The promotion of YOTA Bulgaria has resulted into a Dutch team.

We are very pleased that we can visit this event and look forward to meet other youngsters.


The Dutch team of winter YOTA 2019 is ready to receive the registrations of participants.

By clicking the link below, you will find the application form of winter YOTA 2019.

Please be aware that filling in this application form does not guarantee that you will get a spot in the camp, we have a limited number of spots available. After selection of the participants, you will get a conformation email including whether you are selected or not.


Another important activity this year is to meet youngsters and other people at the HAM radio convention 2019 (

On November 2nd, 2019, the 59th Ham Radio Convention will take place in The Netherlands. Organiser is VERON, the Dutch radio society. We have a youngsters place.


Last, but not least we are busy to see if there could come a second edition of a youth edition of our club magazine.

We have seen that the magazine is a good promotion of the amateur radio hobby.

It is also easily accessible and with this you can for example easily approach a school.

Next TTT we hope to tell more about this project.


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