Train the Trainer report – Team Tunisia – October 2018

By November 1, 2018Train the trainer

Train the trainer (Tunisa Team)


In this 2 month after the train the trainer the things we are

first, focusing in getting better at radio’s skills and knowledges because we are trainers so we need be good

second, month ago we done a meeting with ARAT president and membres we present our rapport of yota and from that day we started preparing for the joti jota it will be an event with many activites like foxhunting,robotic, constraction workshop…etc and this weekend u will be see the result

In the future we will prepare and event like radio day it will be a public event for normale people and we will be more focused on recruitment of universty student so when they became trainer they can help us a lot because we dont have many trainer in tunisia.

The problem for now are the equipment we don’t have it in tunisia so we need to get it from outside but there is many problem to get it inside.

Tunisia Team

Moahmed & Wael

some photo from the meeting


some preparation for the joti jota


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