Train the Trainer report – Team South Africa – October 2018

By November 1, 2018Train the trainer

Jeugland Amateur Radio Club – ZR6JRC

Youth Activity post YOTA

During a Club meeting we decided to ask our members, like we did at YOTA what are their interests and what would work for them, and not surprisingly it was much the same list.

Kit building, ARDF, Morse, Bacar, SDR, Satellites, Micro processors, Antennae building, Contesting, YOTA month and JOTA/JOTI.

This was then split up into activities for this year and those for next year. For the remainder of this year we have decided to focus on a power supply kit, a micro processors project, YOTA December month participation and contesting.

2019’s activities will continue with learning more about micro processors with an eye on flying such a project on BACAR, antennae building for satellites, Morse code learning and ARDF. We also plan to run a RAE course in the first half of 2019.


Marketing of our club ZR6JRC is also a priority and this was done at the recent introduction evening of the school to the prospective new students for 2019

(From left to right: Maryna ZR6MC, Jos ZU6JOS, Nadia ZU6NAC, Dewald ZU6DRH, Cameron ZS6CYE)

School Awards

For the first time scholars received recognition for their Amateur Radio achievements during the October awards ceremony at the school with Dewald ZU6DRH and Nadia ZU6NAC being awarded certificates of achievement, ZR6MC, and ZS6CYE receiving Honours colours.

As far as we know, Jeugland is the first school in the country to recognize Amateur Radio as an educational subject.

   KIT Building

Kit building started off with the construction of a PSU. Pc boards were etched and drilled and then components soldered. This took longer than expected due to the different levels of competence of the club members. Care will have to be taken in future to match complexity and skill.

Micro Processors

A Donation of Arduino kits allowed us to send 5 club members home with a kit to play with.

These will be recycled to other members, and hopefully assist with the next BACAR challenge.


ZR6JRC took part in the SARL national field day competition on 8 – 9 September 2018, with a field station being set up on the hockey field. A national 7th placing was most welcome.

   JOTA Weekend

The Scout JOTA event saw Guy ZSGUY and Jos ZU6JOS Camping with the scouts at Modderfontein reserve (grid locator KG43BW) 

Other club members came at various times during the weekend to man the station. Conditions on 40/80 meters were not very good, but we managed to contact V51WW (Namibia). Rain, cold winds and lightning were some of the challenges but a most enjoyable experience.


The ZR6JRC club members.



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