Train the Trainer Report – Team Algeria – December 2018

By December 17, 2018Train the trainer

Our projects for the next 2 months

  •  Organization of a conference on amateur radio activity within a university and (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • –  Demonstration on site with radio equipment.
  • –  Radio demonstration for Scout group leaders (aged 22-25) followed by a PowerPoint presentation


Projects 2019 (6 to 12 months)

  • –  Assembly of transmitters for ARDF practical training for young academics
  • –  Conferences within universities and high schools
  • –  Import of kits (UBTX) organization of several sessions practical work for

    the assembly of these kits

  • –  Participation in the JOTA jamboree on the air as every year
  • –  Organization of a field day for young YOTA people

    (the event will take place in a forest or mountain)

  • –  Organisation of one or two ARDF competitions
  • –  Organisation of IOTA with YOTA people


Our YOTA activities (2018) can be summarized as follows:

  •  –  January : Activity on the 160m band at the top of a hill next to a basilica Organization of a field day in East Algiers
  •  –  March : Training at the radio club of the South 7X3WPL theoretical and practical training AMSAT
  • –  April : Demonstration and basic training day for young, young Scouts of early age
    Conference on amateur radio activity in collaboration with
    an electronic club in a university with a demonstration for young students
  •   May : Simulation of emergency communication with young people in a forest in Algiers
  • –  July : Participation in the festivities of the Independence and Youth Day in East Algiers especially for young people. Organisation of an IOTA expedition in the West of Algiers with a group of young people (aged 20-33)
  • –  August :  Participation in the Arab Scout Camp demonstration
    in VHF SSTV . 
    Explanation on the radio activity given to young Scouts from several Arab countries
  • –  October : Participation in JOTI JOTA 61st edition, a training course
    was organised + a mock exam at the end.

Problems we face in getting more youngsters into amateur radio

No particular difficulties.

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