Train the Trainer report – Sweden – December 2018

By December 21, 2018Train the trainer

What have we done since last report?

Leader meeting:
During a weekend in October, the Swedish time met up with the Finnish and Norwegian team to talk about the Nordic cooperation. We also Skyped together with the Icelandic team and have tried to reach the Danish team without any success. The weekend was a great success and we have made a good plan for the future together.

Yota December:
Our early plan for December worked out quite well and we were able to hold YOTA-December camps during three weekends, starting from the north in Umeå at SK2AT  in the first weekend with three participants. After that Stockholm one week after at SK0QO once again with three people participated, finishing the task with three participants down in Jönköping the last weekend at SK7AX. We used the call sign SH9YOTA and have over the three weekends accumulated a total of around 1000 contacts.

We have had the opportunity to hold a speech about ham radio at the technical museum of Stockholm which Joakim SA0BSJ took care of. He talked about YOTA and how the youth work in Sweden works.

What are we working with right now?

Right now we are planning next year and we are making our budget. We are also planning the trip to NOTA and recruiting people to join that. We have slowly planning a camp after the summer next year.

What are our goals?

We continue with the same goals as in the last report. That is to keep regular activities each year as follows:

To give the Swedish youth an opportunity to get friends and further get into the hobby.

For youngsters to develop more fun ideas to bring back home to our activities.

Fall weekend event
A smaller follow up event to meet our NOTA friends in Sweden from the previous NOTA and for the youngsters who did not manage to participate in NOTA.

3 December YOTA events
Lighter, more casual events at three club stations for the youngsters to get active with the exciting DYM-Signal during three entire weekends (fri-sun).

73 de Team Sweden

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