Train the Trainer report – Spain – October 2019

By October 15, 2019Train the trainer

Train The Trainer report


First of all, we would like to tell about our experience at the YOTA camp in Bulgaria past August. Our team was composed by three members, for two of us it was the first time ever at a YOTA camp, and we really had a great experience that we would like to repeat (and we’ll try if next year it’s possible). The time in Bulgaria really helped all of us to understand, learn and share technical things and procedures on the radio amateur world. The TTT sessions helped us to share with others what we had been doing in Spain and what we were going to do and learn from the other teams too. These are only few reasons why we think the YOTA camps should continue to be held.

Second, we can by now tell that we’re getting ready for the December YOTA month, which we are expecting with enthusiasm.

After the camp URE, the national Spanish society got in contact with us in order to prepare a report for the monthly magazine, which was published this month (October). They also told us to prepare a presentation to expose our experience in Bulgaria during the IberRadio ham radio fair, which is the biggest amateur radio fairs in Spain and one of the biggest in the South of Europe. There, we made the presentation and the society decided to present the new Youth Committee, which will be preparing the upcoming Youngster activities. By now, we’ve sent the callsign request for the December YOTA Month to the Telecommunications authority.

Also, during IberRadio, youngsters without callsign could enjoy some workshops where they learned more about the radio, and some of them showed high interest on getting a callsign!

At this moment, we’re working with the Youth Committee to get everything ready for December YOTA Month and planning more youth activities yet to announce.

Until next report,

Regards from Spain!


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